Hair Transplant And Realistic Expectations – Best Tips From Experts

receding hair

Losing your hair is the worst nightmare because the situation can ruin your appearance and self-esteem. Fortunately, you can look for a transplant as a permanent solution with natural results. The success rate of the minimally-invasive procedure is impressive, and it is also affordable. While everything about hair transplants sounds great, patients often go wrong with their expectations. Unrealistic expectations regarding the procedure and its outcomes are common, so you must get your facts right from the outset. Let us share a few helpful tips from transplant specialists to help you start on the right note.

Expectation #1- You may experience pain

Although a hair transplant surgery is minimally-invasive, you may experience some soreness for a few days. Expect it both on the donor and recipient site as the nerves awaken once the anesthesia wears off after the surgery. However, pain medications are enough to address the pain. The good thing is that healing is quick, and the soreness resolves by itself within a few days. So you only need to wait for a couple of weeks and follow the doctor’s orders.

Expectation #2- Shock loss is a possibility

You may also encounter shock loss with the shedding of hair after a restoration procedure, but it is not a reason to worry. Shock loss is temporary, and many patients get over it within a few months. Consider it a normal response to scalp trauma rather than stressing over it. You will probably see fresh growth sooner than later with a new growth cycle kicking in. Ditch the stress because it can affect the outcomes of the procedure. 

Expectation #3- Healing time may vary

Typically, healing time after a hair transplant surgery is a couple of weeks, though you can resume normalcy within days. In fact, if you opt for a package at a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey, you can tour the city the next day and return home a day later. The healing period may differ for some people according to their biological makeup. However, your surgeon’s surgical expertise and post-operative aftercare can make all the difference. 

Expectation #4- You may require more than one session

Some patients may require more than one session, so you shouldn’t expect magic with a full head of hair after the procedure. Your surgeon assesses the results after the initial procedure to decide whether you require another session. Typically, these are touch-ups to cover the bald patches left after the initial one. You can discuss your options with the specialist to understand your chances. 

Expectation #5- Good post-operative care is essential

A hair transplant surgery is one of the simplest procedures, but it is still a surgery. You must go the extra mile with post-operative care to minimize the risks and get the best results. Your doctor will have a list of recommendations for the healing period, such as keeping your head elevated while sleeping, avoiding exercise, and skipping heavy lifting. You will also need to follow washing and hair-care precautions for months after the surgery. 

Having realistic expectations from a hair transplant surgery enables you to get the best results and retain them for the long haul. Moreover, you are better prepared mentally for managing the aftercare responsibilities.