A Brief Guide To Chiropractic Care For Children With ADHD


Nothing is more heartbreaking for a parent than seeing their child struggle with a debilitating condition that affects their ability to function as a typical child.

Unfortunately, for parents of ADHD children, this is often the reality they face every day. And while there are medications that can help limit the number of ADHD episodes a child has, the truth is that prescribing children medication designed to alter their neurological development can have drastic consequences later on in life.

That is why many parents are turning to pediatric chiropractic care to help their children naturally correct impulse control and other symptoms commonly associated with ADHD.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and is a neurological disorder that causes children to have trouble staying focused and organized.

This means that children with ADHD often struggle academically, as they can’t stay on task long enough to accomplish tasks like reading a book or writing an essay. And while some school systems are more lenient than others, many school districts expect students to stay on task for longer than is possible for the average ADHD child.

In addition, children with ADHD often struggle with impulse control, which can cause them to speak out of turn or physically hurt others without first stopping to consider the consequences. This lack of subconscious neurological inhibition makes it difficult for a child with ADHD to function in a society that constantly requires them to evaluate the effects of their behavior on others.

ADHD and Chiropractic Care

The traditional treatment option for children with ADHD is medication. And while some parents opt for this treatment, chiropractic care offers a more natural and holistic way to help children naturally reduce the symptoms of ADHD and impulse control problems.

That is because pediatric chiropractic care corrects misalignments in the brainstem, which can cause children to have trouble focusing their attention long enough to accomplish tasks. And by correcting these misalignments, children with ADHD can naturally reduce impulsivity so that they can more easily function in normal society.

And while many parents are wary of chiropractic care because they believe it will cause their children to have back problems later in life, the truth is that pediatric chiropractic care does not involve any sort of abnormal pulling or twisting on the spine that would cause such issues.

Chiropractors simply locate misaligned vertebrae and then apply pressure that causes them to pop back into place. This eliminates pressure on the brain stem, allowing it to function as intended without interruption from misaligned vertebrae.

How to Find a Pediatric Chiropractor

If you’re interested in learning more about pediatric chiropractic care and how it can help your child naturally reduce symptoms of ADHD and impulse control problems, speak with a local pediatric chiropractor.

A licensed chiropractor who specializes in treating children will thoroughly examine your child before issuing them a treatment plan designed to reduce symptoms related to ADHD and impulse control naturally.

And while it may take your child multiple treatments before they start feeling relief from their symptoms, many parents notice a dramatic difference between the first treatment and the last.