Get Rid of Muscle Soreness with Effective Essential Oils


Muscle pain and soreness could affect anyone at any time. Muscle soreness would be adversely affecting the support structures which allow you to roam about freely in daily life. Muscular soreness or pain could be an off-shoot of poor posture, injury, overuse, repetitive motions, and simple wear & tear that takes place as you go about doing your daily activities. You might be experiencing pain in precise spots due to a twisted ankle or a pulled muscle. In some cases, you would be experiencing pain and discomfort all over the body.

Sometimes, the pain can be really strong and unbearable, keeping you from having a peaceful sleep and this leaves you completely fatigued. Essential oils play a pivotal role in easing muscle soreness. They are useful in soothing the painful condition and calming down your senses. Use essential oils in topical blends and applications while massaging, to get rid of unbearable pain and sore muscles. Here are the top 3 essential oils for soothing your painful and sore muscles. Essential oils and a variety of oil blends are effective in alleviating muscle soreness and muscular pain.

Five Prominent Essential Oils Best for Muscle Soreness

Though affordable essential oils are not always the best answer to modern-day issues, they are phenomenally effective in alleviating painful or sore muscles. Some very useful essential oils are:


Lavender happens to be truly therapeutic. It is known to possess anti-inflammatory, parasympathetic and calming benefits. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the lavender oil are highly effective in eliminating muscle soreness. Lavender is also, supposed to be easing swelling and enhancing blood circulation.


According to Revive, rosemary is supposed to be another fabulous essential oil known for its all-round-use. It possesses effective brain tonic qualities along with strong levels of analgesic features that support the alleviation of arthritis, pains and aches. Rosemary could be applied topically in case of a broad spectrum of illnesses including enhancing hair growth, reducing cellulite and fast healing skin.


Cypress oil is antispasmodic oil that helps to eliminate stress, cramps, swelling, and tension. It is a fantastic oil for adding to a massage blend of oils for treating sore muscles.


If you massage Eucalyptus oil all over the affected muscles and sore joints, you would soon get rid of pains and aches due to the effective anti-inflammatory and strong analgesic properties.


Marjoram is known to possess excellent soothing, warming and antispasmodic properties that help to ease muscle spasms and joint pain. It is very effective for boosting circulation, maintaining brain health, and getting rid of high blood pressure, indigestion, arthritis and much more.

Rest Followed by Massage Is the Best Therapy

If your muscles are really sore, you obviously cannot expect miracles to happen. Just a single massage session with essential oils, may not be enough to alleviate the pain. You need to rest well and have a few more massage sessions for the alleviation of pain and soreness. Rest is supposed to be more effective in alleviating the condition when followed by a massage with essential oils and hot baths.

You should be using exceptional massage blends for a perfect solution to muscle soreness. Muscular pains and aches are known to respond positively to local massage with essential oils. Massages are even more effective after a warm bath or shower. You should choose an effective muscle fatigue massage or over-exerted & over-exhausted muscle massage formulas. You have access to very effective muscle relief and muscle release oil that could be used for alleviating muscle soreness.

Avoid Excessive Stress

If you are ending up with serious muscle soreness just after a workout session and not DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that is noticed the next day, it may imply that you are overdoing things. You are actually causing damage to your body. Make use of appropriate essential oils, and effective oil blends that should be applied properly. Essential oils are a great way of getting rid of sore and exhausted muscles.