Finding the Best Dentist in Charlotte

dentist chair

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist. The thought of someone drilling or pulling a tooth can be very frightening. However, the thought of losing a tooth is frightening as well. Regular dental check-ups are very important.

If you are looking for a dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should try to find someone who has years of experience, takes your insurance, and offers a full menu of services.

What Questions You Should Ask a Potential Dentist

Before you select a dentist, you will probably Google reviews of the office to make sure they do not have a bad reputation. Although online research is important, good reviews can be paid for. It is in your best interest to call the dentist and ask a few questions.

How long has your office been in business?

A dentist may tell you that you can trust them because they have been practicing for 20 years. What they may not tell you is that they have gone from office to office and state to state for the last 20 years practicing shoddy dentistry.

The office you choose should have been in business long enough to have many recommendations from patients. It should also have a good reputation with the community and a stellar record with the Board of Dentistry.

Are all of your training certificates up to Date?

Dentists in the state of North Carolina are required to take 28 hours of continuing education per year. It is in these classes where they learn about any new findings in dentistry and what the latest protocols are for taking care of viruses and infections.

What are your payment options?

Your dental insurance is unlikely to entirely cover anything but cleaning and annual Xrays. You will have a co-pay and a deductable to take care of. Be sure to inquire about the payment plans the dentist’s office has to offer. A worthwhile office will work with you to make sure any necessary procedures are done as soon as possible.

Look For a Dentist for the Whole Family

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the whole family could get their dental work in one place? No more running from the pediatric dentist to your own. The dentist should get to know you and your family and have a record of your dental history.

Look for a Dentist Who can Perform a Multitude of procedures. A good dentist will be able to examine your Xrays, tell you what’s wrong, and take care of fillings crowns and veneers. The dentists in the office should be able to perform orthodontia and emergency surgery. These days a good office should even be able to test your DNA.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become so commonplace that it may be challenging to find someone who has not had it. Make sure that the dentist office you choose can handle such things as tooth whitening and smile makeovers. One of the first things a person judges another person for is their teeth. Your dentist should be able to make your smile an impressive one.

Park Crossing Dentistry has been in business for 35 years and is staffed with a team of experienced dentists and hygienists. They will provide the best dental care in town and work with you on any necessary payment plans.