How to Find a Reputable Bundoora Medical Clinic

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Since health is valuable to everyone, investing a little time into finding the best Bundoora medical clinic has clear benefits. Perhaps you’ve just moved house to a new area, or you’re unhappy with an existing clinic. No matter what the reason for looking for a reputable medical clinic, here are several guidelines that will help make your search easier.

Where to Start

  • Ask your current doctor or clinic for advice, as they may have various worthy suggestions
  • Ask friends and neighbours, as they canbe a valuable source of information.They’lllikely have personal experience using clinics in your local area, and you can trust their recommendation
  • Ask your local pharmacist for recommendations,as they’re in a position to offer both personal and professional advice
  • Search online and make sure you take the quality of clinics into account. A clinic is accredited if they meet required standards. If accreditation is displayed with certificates or logos, this can be a helpful guide for assessing the standard of service provided by the clinic. Although accreditation can be an especially important guideline to judge a clinic, be sure to check that any awards are current and that the certificates are authentic
  • The Australian General Practice Network or the Australian Medical Association supplies a list of clinics and will also be able to supply information about the facilities different clinics offer

Once you have an initial list, here are some further factors to consider when searching for a reputable Bundoora medical clinic:


It’s particularly important to find a clinic in a convenient location. If you live close to a medical clinic, it’s highly likely to be a good choice.

Opening Hours

Many clinics have extended opening hours for specific services. Check the opening hours of any clinic you consider, as this could be important if you work long hours or there are conditions in the family that require frequent visits.

Home Visits

This service might not be a priority for you at the moment, but it could be a great asset in the future.


For those whose first language isn’t English, check if the medical centre has staff that are able to speak different languages. Using translators can be difficult, expensive and prone to error.

Male and Female Medical Staff

Many people feel more comfortable dealing with a particular gender. If this is the case, ask the clinic if they have a doctor in your preferred gender.


If you have certain pre-existing conditions within the family, finding a Bundoora medical clinic where doctors have added qualifications or specific experience canbe useful.


Information on how a clinic requires the payment of bills can be particularly important. Some practices offer discounts for advance payments,while others charge extra for appointments on certain days. Does the practice offer bulk-billing? Find out before you make an appointment.


Visit the clinic to find out what facilities the building has. If you have children, look for child-friendly areas or facilities to entertain children.