Everything You Need To Know About Sinus Doctor NYC


Sinusitis is one of the most common diseases of the sinuses – it occurs when the sinuses are inflamed and fluids are not drained and become infected. The condition causes extreme headaches, loss of smell, and fever. Some people have chronic sinusitis which means that they have sinusitis for longer periods and either with severe infection and symptoms. One of the treatment options for chronic sinusitis is sinus surgery which should only be performed by board-certified ENT doctors like those from Sinus Doctor NYC. These medical practitioners have been trained to work with the most sensitive and complex organ in the body, the nose, and its parts. The nose is the only organ in the body that is directly connected to the brain through the olfactory nerve, and any potential damage to it can cause permanent disability.

Moreover, sinuses provide an important function in the skull as it makes the skull lighter and produces nasal mucus which helps in keeping the nasal passages moist and prevents unwanted particles from entering into the nasal passages. However, due to the structure of the sinuses such that it is too narrow or the mucus is not drained into the nose, then it can result in sinus infection or more commonly known as sinusitis. For most people, sinusitis is seasonal, especially when there is a change in the weather or the seasons, but for some, they have sinusitis for most of the year and have to have medication to control the infection. If a person has chronic sinusitis, the last option would be to carry out a sinus surgery, but the physicians will try out different medicines and procedures before resorting to surgery. If the patient’s condition does not improve despite the medications, then surgery may be performed.

What Is Sinus Surgery by Sinus Doctor NYC?

Sinus surgery is a medical procedure in which the sinus cavities are altered to become a bit wider so that blockages are cleared and the pathways are opened. This is done to improve the function of the sinuses and prevent it from becoming infected or inflamed. The surgery is not that delicate and can be done in a clinic and with very minimal downtime, however, it has to be performed by board-certified ENT doctors like those from Sinus Doctors NYC providers, as they have the knowledge and training to do the surgery. Moreover, the surgery is only done as the last resort if all other treatment options do not work effectively to improve the patient’s condition. Although the surgery is mainly done for those with chronic sinusitis, other reasons for sinus surgery include abnormal structures such as thin bones or tumor growth that is blocking the nasal passages and the presence of polyps.

Surgery procedure

The procedure can be done with little discomfort and the patient can go home after the surgery and resume normal activities, although care should be taken to not move the nose and face or to not get hit by any chance. Having chronic sinusitis is probably more painful and uncomfortable than having surgery but not many are trained to do it, hence, it is considered the last treatment option. If you happen to suffer from chronic sinusitis then you need to make sure that you are getting the procedure from the best-qualified provider. Moreover, if you are in New York City, you are just in luck since one of the best sinus doctors in NYC is here and will gladly see you assess whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Your medical insurance is also accepted so you need not worry about how expensive it will be.

Where To Find Sinus Doctor NYC Providers 

New York is an exciting city to be in, it is also where several medical specialists have a thriving practice and if you need to see a specialist like an ENT then you just need to find the sinus doctor NYC providers. The said providers are a network of specialists who are board-certified to practice their specialization in providing medical treatments and procedures for their patients. You can do your research on the internet and use the keywords sinus doctors NYC and it will show you the list of available clinics in the area with their contact information and website. You can then visit each of the websites and read about the services they provide and then decide which one you would like to go to for a consultation.

Once you have made the decision, you must schedule an appointment with the doctor, some may have a lot of patients and there might be a long waitlist, if your condition or symptoms are worsening, you can go to an emergency room. Although sinusitis is not life-threatening, the pain and discomfort may become too much to bear. Thus, if you can, then go for a consultation right away. Once there, the doctor will give you a physical assessment and determine if you do need the surgery or he or she might prescribe your new medication and see first if it will work with your condition. After a week or two, if symptoms subside, then there is minimal need for the sinus surgery, but if there is no improvement and symptoms appear to worsen then sinus surgery can be considered as an option.

Kinds of Sinus Surgery by Sinus Doctor NYC Providers

There are several kinds of sinus surgery but the most common and likely to be performed by sinus doctor NYC providers is endoscopic sinus surgery. In this kind of sinus surgery, an endoscope is inserted into the nasal passages through the nostrils, an endoscope is a thin fiber optic cable that has an illuminated end so that the surgeon can see what is in the sinuses and find the blockage.

Micro-telescopes and surgical instruments can then be inserted into the endoscope and this will be used by the surgeon to carry out the operation. This procedure does not leave any scars and is the least invasive of sinus surgery. This can be performed in an out-patient clinic and the patient can go home after the surgery. Pain medication may be prescribed and patients have reported little to no discomfort felt after the surgery.