Do You Need A Gynecologist?

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It is a common belief that gynecologists are to be consulted only during pregnancy cases. However, this is far from the truth and is severely limiting the applications of this unique specialist. A gynecologist is necessary to maintain good feminine health. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions attributed to this doctor which may result in various complications as women fear visiting their office, even though a gynecologist can treat women more accurately than any general physician.

When should you see a gynecologist? Read this article to know more.

Birth Control

Family planning is very important for every couple. Fortunately, science has invented ways that can help you plan your family by exercising birth control measures without disturbing your intimate life. By visiting your gynecologist, you can know more about the options available for you.

General Feminine Health

A gynaecologist Gold Coast is a woman’s specialist. In contrast with a general physician, a they can understand and treat women’s issues far better. They have a much deeper knowledge of your body, and, more importantly, know how to discuss delicate matters with proper discretion.

Menstrual Complications

Young women may experience irregularity in their periods. The wise step is to consult your gynecologist without any delay to prevent any potential issue. Make sure you discuss all anomalies in your menstruation like painful cramps, heavier bleeding, etc.

Breast Health

The scope of a gynecologist is not limited to vaginal complications. Nowadays, breast health is one of the biggest concerns in women. A gynecologist can guide you to take good care of your breast health to prevent cancer and other issues.

Painful Intercourse

Intimate sex is not supposed to be painful. If you are experiencing painful intercourse, something is wrong. There may be a physiological or psychological answer to your problem but the gynecologist is the best place to start.

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Issues of Urinary Tract

If you experience pain while urinating or see blood in your urine, it is time to go see your gynecologist immediately. Some may neglect them as trivial but often such small things turn out to be quite damaging. So, it is better to have a professional opinion.


A gynecologist is most often seen during pregnancy. It is better to consult them as soon as you find out about your pregnancy or even suspect. Moreover, it is better to find a good doctor and let him handle your case during the whole duration of the pregnancy. Changing doctors midway without genuine concerns can be problematic since the new doctor will not be as familiar with your case as the original one. Regular appointments should be scheduled with the gynecologist to keep everything on the right track. 

Pelvic Exam

The pelvis may experience unusual growths or other complications. Having at least yearly exams with your gynecologist will help in diagnosing such problems timely.

Above mentioned points have clearly illustrated that every woman needs a gynecologist for one reason or another. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned problems, do visit a good gynecologist in Queens, NY. This is crucial for feminine health and the health of the baby in case of pregnancy.