How To Ditch Dental Emergencies In The Holiday Season


The holidays are all about desserts and delicacies, and you may give less attention to brushing and flossing. So dental emergencies are less likely to take a break in the season. The last thing you will want to encounter is a severe toothache when planning a party or traveling. However, there are ways to prevent trouble in the first place. Even if you have a problem, you must have a plan to cope with it. Here are some expert-recommended tips to ditch dental emergencies this holiday season.

Be cautious while biting

Dentists report a surge in the cases of chipped or fractured teeth during the holiday season. It happens because people tend to bite into foods without giving attention, or they are simply careless. It is crucial to bite slowly and cautiously, and even more, try a new food item. Biting aggressively into hard foods like nuts and unpitted olives can chip your tooth. A little caution can save you from an emergency. Also, steer clear of sticky, gummy, and chewy foods as they can cause damage.

Avoid using your teeth to open things

Food isn’t the only culprit for chipped and broken teeth. Holiday dental accidents may also relate to opening things with teeth. The last thing you should do is use your teeth as bottle openers, nutcrackers, and scissors. Doing it sounds convenient when you are busy cooking or talking to your friends. But you may have to pay a big price in the form of a dental emergency. 

Complete your dental work on time

The festive season is the busiest time of the year. The to-do checklists appear endless as you have to plan parties, buy gifts, and bake Christmas goodies. If you have ongoing treatment, complete your appointments before the season starts. Discuss the availability of your specialist if you need to visit them between holidays. It is best to collaborate with an emergency dentist who is there for you when you need help. Timely treatment can prevent last-minute problems, but you must be sure that help wouldn’t be far away. 

Go easy with games and sports

Holidays are a good time to enjoy a friendly game of football or basketball with friends or family. Make sure you go easy with games and sports because injuries can lead to dental problems. It is the best way to stay safe and keep others safe too. Wearing teeth guards and helmets is advisable if you participate in a competitive game during the season. 

Find time for oral care

Holidays keep you busy, but your oral health shouldn’t take a backseat. You need to go the extra mile because sweet indulgences can harm your teeth slowly. Be regular and diligent with brushing and flossing, and never miss out on them at bedtime. Stick with the routine even after late-night parties. Maintain control over sugar intake so that you can ditch the risk of developing cavities.

Final Thoughts

Holiday dental emergencies are common but avoidable. Follow these simple tips, and you can cruise through the season with a healthy and happy smile.