Different ways you can use medical marijuana


When looking for medical marijuana, there are so many different choices of how you can take it – your options are truly endless. In order to acquire medicinal marijuana from a dispensary you need a medical card and to make your trip even more simple, here are a few ways you can utilize medicinal cannabis.

Vaping vs. Smoking Medical Marijuana

Some people prefer to vape whereas others would rather smoke marijuana. Both of these are suitable ways to take a dose of medical cannabis, but it is well known that vaping is better for your lungs while smoking can take a greater toll on your body. Vapes can become quite expensive as they have more features, but you can still find vaporizers for the relatively low price of around $20-$40. Both of these are readily available at dispensaries.

Cartridges with different strains, varieties, and dosages can be purchased at a dispensary (if you reside in a legal or medical marijuana state). There are more strain varieties available with the classic bud that you can place in a pipe or roll up in a joint.

Candies or sweets

Candies can become a little confusing because there are so many options and each one has its own set potency. This method of receiving THC is one of the healthiest options for the body but it can be difficult to only take a small dose as hard candies cannot be split into separate takes. The effects of candies can often last for hours longer than smoking or vaping, depending on how high that dose is. It is definitely a tasty option and is a fairly discreet way of taking medical marijuana.

Marijuana Edibles

Candies do fall into the realm of edibles, but edibles include so much more – chocolates, banana chips, and sometimes even pastries. This is great because it means that you can make your medicinal cannabis part of your eating experience by adding it to almost anything you want. You can pick your strain and potency, and create your own oil for use in cooking. Check out some ideas for cooking with medical marijuana via the link.

Sprays and Tinctures

Cannabis sprays and tinctures do not usually taste the best, but they are ideal for knowing just how much THC you are consuming as the doses are very precise. Additionally, tinctures have some direct and instant medicinal benefits, including pain relief and stress relief, without the extremely adverse effects that come with smoking, such as lung damage and coughing.

Remember these tips the next time you make a trip to your local dispensary to help you to choose the perfect medical marijuana option for you. It is important to remember that although there are benefits to using medical cannabis, there are also some negative side effects, and you should educate yourself fully before you embark on this journey. The user of marijuana must be responsible for his or her own usage. For further information speak to an employee at a dispensary or other professionals who can give you specific advice.