Details To Consider When Choosing Your Workwear Scrubs

It’s no secret that healthcare workers function in high-alert and high-paced environments. As a result, suitable workwear is essential. While some other kinds of professionals wear uniforms to uphold company reputation and for other reasons, healthcare professionals need practical wear that’s comfortable and professional.

But with that said, There are a few details that you should consider when picking out the best scrubs; there are so many options out there. 

Basic Or Stylish?

Your choice of scrubs can be basic and formal, or the design can be pretty stylish, welcoming a new look to otherwise ordinary scrubs. If you are looking for both style and comfort then consider looking for athletic fit scrubs as these are exceptionally comfortable.

If the basic scrubs don’t excite you all that much, you can consider feminine scrub designs, jogger-style scrub pants, or other stylish options.

V-Neck Or Mock Wrap?

The neck design of scrub tops will influence your appearance just as much as any fashion top would. For example, if you’re hoping for a scrub top that will leave you looking substantially slimmer, v-neck cuts are best.

On the other hand, mock wrap scrubs are an excellent choice for a bit of extra detail that can outline your figure a bit more than a plain and basic scoop neck would. 

A Chest Pocket?

Chest pocket might seem like a practical option for every healthcare worker out there, although this extra detail might be uncomfortable for some; keeping pens and other small things in such a pocket can impact comfort.

So, be sure to decide if you will find a chest pocket useful. If not, consider other pocket designs. 

More often than not, minimal pockets are best. Patch pockets are also another type of pocket on many scrub designs that healthcare workers often feel uncomfortable with while working. Unfortunately, too many pockets are simply not practical.


Dark Or Bright Colors?

The color of your scrubs might not seem all that important, although this is an often-overlooked factor for those in healthcare. There’s a pretty good reason scrubs are never white; keeping them clean and stain-free would be an entire career of its own. 

But beyond stains, the color of your scrubs will also impact your appearance. So, you should choose a color with consideration to your body figure. Darker colors have a slimming effect, and bolder colors are best for petite figures. 

Side Slits Or No Side Slits?

Side slits are practical as they add ease to movement. On the other hand, vents add some cooling airflow to your attire. However, these factors are personal preferences, so you could consider trying scrubs with and without slits to decide which design is more comfortable and practical for you.

With that said, you should also carefully consider which shoes are best, as being on your feet all day can be exceptionally taxing on your feet and back health. 
Whether you’re a travel nurse, a doctor, or even a surgeon, you’ll be spending most of your time in your scrubs. For this reason, finding comfortable scrubs that are practical for you is absolutely essential. You might have to try on a few different designs before you find the perfect fit, although it’s worth it for your overall comfortability while you’re on the job, saving lives and making the world a better place.