Dabbing as an Alternative to Manage Medical Conditions?

CBD leaves

Organic, nature’s remedy, therapeutically-inclined, and whatnot. 

Whenever the term “cannabis” comes to the limelight, everyone who favors the herb often ends up using one of these terms. Isn’t it? And with a plethora of options available at your disposal, the popularity will not decline anytime soon. 

Having said that, whenever you talk about dabbing, you often limit its use for recreational users only. But things are changing at this front as well. How? Let’s find out now!

Dabbing For Patients- Is it Helpful?

Many patients reported that dabbing is an ideal method for them to manage their conditions effectively. There are quite a few reasons that support this anecdotal evidence. For instance, 

  • The most important reason for anyone shifting to dabbing is that each dose of the concentrate is packed with a higher potency punch. For instance, with joints, you get only 15% of THC, while if you choose concentrates, you allow yourself to inhale around 60 to 90% of the cannabis compounds. In other words, when you dab concentrates, you get a rich blend of terpenes and cannabinoids. 
  • Secondly, the fast-acting dose allows the patients to get back to their usual self. For instance, if you are using dabbing for PTSD, it enables the patients to avoid the frightening memories to take over your life and efficiently function again. 
  • Thirdly, it is quite effective for patients who wish to get quick pain relief from severe chronic pain issues. 

In other words, dabbing is quite effective since it’s quick and efficient to inhale by eliminating the non-medicinal elements of the plant. 

Now that you know what you can achieve with dabbing, the next step is to find the ideal dabbing equipment for you. 

E-Rig- The Torch-less Technology 

While there are many options available in the market, going for this technologically advanced equipment is quite beneficial since it requires no burning, or lighters, or butane. All you need is batteries, and you are good to go. For instance, if you opt for SeshGear Dabtron or order your Dabtron cheap eRig on mind vapes, you’ll get the following benefits. 

  • You won’t have to guess the temperature anymore. So, eventually, you will eliminate the risk of overheating your favorite concentrates. 
  • Usually, dabbing rigs are bulky or require a place for a setup. But the E-Rigs are highly portable with the option of dabbing on to go. 
  • They are highly versatile that makes them quite a fantastic option for a longer duration. 

Wrapping up

Dabbing is quite an effective and efficient way of consuming cannabis. Plus, since you are using extremely concentrated cannabis, the potency level automatically increases. Again, since it does not include any combustion, you are actually inhaling the product that contains all the medicinal elements, i.e., cannabinoids and terpenes. 

All in all, you get to enjoy the best parts of cannabis from the first dab itself. But make sure to consult a medical marijuana doctor to confirm what type of concentrates will work for managing your condition. 

So, have you used dabbing to relieve your symptoms? Share your thoughts.