Custom Vitamins To Maximize Your Health

Vitamin Packaging - Photo by: Colin Dunn

Looking after your health and your wellbeing has never been as important as it is today. With new and varied threats to our health arising, maintaining the recommended level of vitamins and minerals to supplement a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can really make the difference in supporting your immune system and fighting nasty, contagious viruses.  But how exactly do you ensure that your body receives the correct level and combination of vitamins, and how do vitamins help you and your body?

How Vitamins Can Help You

Vitamins help your body in so many ways, supporting your immune system and natural defenses, and boosting your body in its fight to heal wounds, repair any damage to your cells, and help to ensure that food is converted into energy. Sometimes called micronutrients, consuming the correct level of vitamins on a regular basis can additionally help you to prevent various diseases that can be the result of a deficiency in vitamins.  Scurvy is a disease that can develop in people who do not consume enough Vitamin C, resulting in a feeling of listlessness and symptoms can include bleeding gums.  If you’re worried about not getting enough vitamin C for a day, consider using natural energy supplements, you may learn more here.

A lack of sufficient Vitamin D can also cause bones to become weak and so soft that deformities in the sA lack of sufficient Vitamin D can also cause bones to become weak and so soft that deformities in the skeleton can form, while a deficiency in Vitamin A can cause blindness in some cases.  It is important to remember that while vitamins and minerals are both important for your body, they are both explicitly different. While minerals that are found in water as well as in soil can enter your body through consuming plants and animals, for example, vitamins can be broken down if they come into contact with acid, or heat, or air. Taking a vitamin supplement may be necessary for you to consume enough of every vitamin your body needs to stay healthy. You can also opt for vitamin therapy to achieve good results. You can find out more here.

Which Vitamins Do I Need?

There are so many vitamins that it can be difficult to know which ones you might need to take.  Some people opt to take a multivitamin that includes a sufficient amount of magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B-12, which are the basic vitamins that are recommended to be taken on a daily basis.  However, depending on your diet, your lifestyle, and your level of activity, you may benefit from custom vitamins, such as a range of personalized vitamins that offer you the perfect combination of vitamins tailored to you. Choosing custom vitamins that are perfect for your body and your lifestyle will enable you to optimize the benefits that are derived from consuming vitamins, maximizing the positive effects, and allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that you are ingesting the perfect combination of micronutrients. Don’t be afraid to get help from the Dentist in Queen Creek for professional advice on the right vitamins for good oral health.

What Can NutriChem Offer?

NutriChem will compound customized vitamins for your body. Formulating the perfect combination depending on the history of your health, and results of the bloodwork that is carried out, and developing your own personal treatment plan.  Each tablet will contain the exact amount of micronutrients that your body needs, not solely the general recommended multivitamins that can be bought from a store. Containing the highest possible quality ingredients, NutriChem is suitable for individuals who experience allergies or who are sensitive to some products or ingredients, as well as for individuals who take treatments for a variety of conditions. 

When taking NutriChem on a regular basis, you will enter into a clinician treatment plan whereby your clinician will monitor the ways that your body responds to the NutriChem dosage and will then act to adjust the dosage or alter the tailored ingredients appropriately.  Furthermore, as well as being able to purchase NutriChem custom vitamins in the standard pill form, you can also purchase the custom vitamin formula in a powdered form, choosing to purchase the powdered form with or without a flavor. This can be added when appropriate to your favorite smoothie or milkshake making taking your even more pleasant.