An Indoor Gym that Goes Above Expectations

Gym Training

We all lead busy lives. There are only so many hours in the day, and incorporating all the things we need to do into our plans can feel overwhelming. 

We all know that exercise is an important aspect of that daily routine to keep our health, but finding the time to drive to the gym, workout, shower, and change, only to drive back home can be a bit too much for anyone’s schedule. It can be hard to carve out an hour a day to get a full workout in, without all that other stuff. 

In addition to time, there is also the fact that in many places, gyms still aren’t open due to Covid-19. For the places that are, working out with a mask on is not much fun for anyone, and social distancing requirements mean that the equipment you want may not even be available during your workout. Even before Covid, working out with someone else’s sweat on the equipment has never been much fun. 

Home gyms have historically been disappointing in one way or another. In the past, you have had to make a choice on what to sacrifice: workout quality or space. There are expensive pieces of equipment that use weights, resistance bands, or other technology to genuinely replicate the gym environment, but those machines typically take up a lot of space. But through technological advances to fitness, work out is easier. If you don’t have a whole room in your house (or at least a large corner of one) to devote to your workouts, you are out of luck.

If you don’t have a room to dedicate to your workouts, or if you don’t love the aesthetic of an industrial weight bench in the middle of your living room, there are options. Traditionally, this consisted of free weights or kettlebells, or resistance systems with complicated straps and anchors. If you want varied weights, you either need more bands or more weights. Either way, you are using a lot of storage space, and good luck if you need to travel with them.

What if there were a better option? What if there were a choice that gave you the larger weight resistance of a large machine, in a compact, variable resistance package? That option exists with a new cutting edge brand. The Kayezen Vector changes the game on portable workout systems. 

Home Based or on the go Gym Setup

The Kayezen Vector works by using a unique resistance band system. Multiple bands are stored in a single housing. You can change between three different weight settings just by twisting the housing when there is no resistance. A single unit can provide resistance up to 100 pounds, but up to three units can be used in tandem to provide even higher weights for other exercises.

The Kayezen Vector is super simple to operate- all you have to do is anchor one end to a static surface, and attach a handle, strap, or harness to the other end. By varying the location of the static anchor, you can complete pretty much any exercise that is available in a full gym.

If you are setting up a permanent gym, you can add anchor points to a wall, for a full-featured gym that doesn’t dramatically change your decor. If you want something more portable, or just don’t want to modify your house, you can use the provided strap to attach the Vector to a door hinge, fence, or park bench at different heights for a variety of exercises. 

There are two different sizes available, a 20-inch model that gives 45 inches of motion, and a 25 inch that gives you up to 60 inches of motion. Both have the same variety of weight, so you can choose based on your size, and how much portability is needed.

To wrap up, if you are trying to figure out how to incorporate a full workout into your busy life while working around limited space, the Kayezen Vector is a versatile option that will deliver over and above whatever you expect.