Six Most Common Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

A Blood Clot in the Heart - Photo by: Ravindra Gandhi

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, might cause intense heartbeats and, in severe cases, a heart failure. One of the leading causes of high blood pressure is stress. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are often at risk for high blood pressure. Here we will discuss a few common symptoms of hypertension so you can identify and cure it in time.

Blurred Vision

High blood pressure causes more damage to our body than most of us know. It is known to harm blood vessels that supply blood to our eyes, which can cause retinopathy, choroidopathy, and optic neuropathy. Retinopathy is the damage to the retina, choroidopathy is the fluid buildup under the retina, and damage to nerves of eyes is called optic neuropathy.

Fatigue & Confusion

High blood pressure elevates pressure on vital organs like the brain, kidneys, and heart, causing tiredness in the entire body. The medications used for lowering blood pressure also play a role in increased fatigue. They slow down the pumping action of the heart, which depletes our body of essential electrolytes.


Frequent headaches are the most common symptom of high blood pressure. Although issues like dehydration, stomach disorder, and insomnia can also cause a headache, it is imperative to see a doctor if it doesn’t go away. Even pain in half of your head might indicate an abnormal heart rate.

Chest Pain

Minor chest pain could indicate something else, but a frequent pressure in your chest is a straight indicator of high blood pressure. In severe cases, chest pain can transition into a heart stroke. Drink plenty of water every day if you want to avoid this issue.

Shortness of Breath

People complain about shortness of breath when they suffer from a high heart rate. It gets difficult for the body to navigate average breathing when the blood pumps at speed faster than average. Doctors usually prescribe patients to take Simvastatin. However, before you decide to take this medicine, you should learn about Simvastatin side effects.

Tingling Sensation

If you have been suffering from high blood pressure for quite a long time, you might experience pounding in different parts of the body, especially in the brain, arms, and legs. Unfortunately, owing to current food trends, even young people suffer from high blood pressure. Tingling may be a minor symptom of high blood pressure, but it is one of the first indicators.