Common Issues with Weight Training and Ways to Solve Them

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If you are planning to embark on a weight training regime, there’s a lot to consider; you need to be healthy and your current level of fitness should determine the workout intensity. If you’re new to weight training, here are a few common issues and ways to deal with them.

Feeling lethargic

You look at the clock, then at the weights and you just don’t feel like you have the energy to pump iron. The solution? Order stim free pre workouts, which is caffeine-free and gives you a boost of energy right when you need it. Your body might be at a low-energy state and with a powder that you mix with water and drink, 10 minutes later you are raring to go.

Dietary problems

You can’t get into a serious weight training regime on a regular diet; a week prior to your start date, create a daily diet plan that contains fresh fruit and veg, with lots of white meat and some tuna or salmon for the Omega-3. It is wise to use protein powder and make delicious shakes, which ensures you have enough protein to build muscle. Stay hydrated and try to avoid high-sugar foods and drinks. Another method is to use an emsculpt Toronto technician to help build and tone muscles in addition to your normal gym workouts.

Lack of motivation

This is a common problem when weight training; no pain-no gain means that you have to push your body out of its comfort zone and for some, any excuse not to lift is a way to deal with it. One of the reasons people buddy-train is that each person is motivated and pushed by the other and if you find yourself trying to avoid the sessions, hook up with a friend who will make sure you don’t duck the sessions. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the pain barrier; either way, you have to deal with it.

Lack of knowledge 

You might not know much about weight training, in which case, become a member at your local gym and ask one of the instructors to show you a typical session suitable for a beginner. You can take help from the fitness apps to guide you or easily track entire workout progress. Check here to know how helpful these apps are. Also, you could enrol in a fitness class or better still, engage the services of a personal trainer, who will identify your fitness goals and create a program; all you have to do is show up! You can hurt yourself if you don’t know what you are doing when pumping iron; a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.


You can overtrain and this is likely to lead to injury; the ideal workout routine is 3 days on, 1 day off; you could stretch that to 4 and 1. Some people think the more you do, the better and while that might be true to a degree, your body does need to rest. If you are feeling out of sorts, it might be due to overtraining.

You should have firm goals prior to your weight training begins, understand what muscles are worked with each set of exercises and plan your regime accordingly, making sure not to overdo things.