Getting Admitted? What You Should Bring During Your Stay in A Detox Center Las Vegas

Fighting Addiction

It is tough to admit that you have a chemical addiction, but once you have accepted the fact and ready for professional help, it would be then a start of a new chapter of your new life. It would be good to avoid the ‘quick fixes’ (doing home detox or getting rapid drug detox). You should find the perfect detox center for your treatment (this is not an easy feat since searching for “best detox center Las Vegas” will already yield over a thousand results), get a medical leave if you are working, and make sure that your health insurance, doctor and family have your back. Lastly, as you prepare to get yourself to a rehab facility, you should make sure that you will bring everything that you will need.

A detox center Las Vegas is not a prison cell, but neither is it a hotel. It is a hospital; what you are supposed to bring with you are things that help make you at ease, items that make you feel better, and promote healing by helping to alleviate all types of stress. One of the benefits of going to a detox center Las Vegas is that you have a refreshing environment as a side benefit.) Here are some tips on the things that should be brought with you for a long-time stay in a detox center Las Vegas.

1. Respect and follow the guidelines of the detox center

If your preferred treatment facility did not provide you with a list of what you can bring during the initial interview, you should ask for one the soonest as possible. There are certain items that should be left at home: common products forbidden at different detox centers in Las Vegas usually include razor blades, a mouthwash that has alcohol content, outside foods or drinks, aerosol sprays, candles, and electronic devices. The aim is to prevent the patients from accessing something that could become a weapon, an intoxicating product, or a hint of tempting instances.

Keep your focus on trying to make the best of what you would bring, instead of being upset as to what you cannot bring. The center will provide your basic needs, and most of your time will be expended on getting well and preparing for the future.

2. Bring your favorite (but appropriate) clothes

In the initial withdrawal phase, you will most likely encounter some uncomfortable situations that do not have to be intensified; thus, in addition to following the appropriate dress standards, avoid wearing something that is itchy and can poke or scratch you. If you have a preferred dress or shirt (that will not associate with drug-use situations), bring that: this will offer comfort in distressing times. Or you could purchase a new laid-back dress piece or set of jammies to affirm your sense of change to a new life. No business suit — aside from not being especially comfortable to wear, it may cause ‘stressed out and strenuous’ mental associations.

A basic wardrobe in detox centers would include comfy shoes, tops with sleeves; trousers or casual skirts; sweaters and scarf, a dressier ensemble for events; and, of course, sufficient underwear and socks. Confine accessories to basic things that you still wear — for example, a wedding ring.

3. Use good judgment with cosmetic products and similar items

Keep it as simple as you can: in some detox centers, you may only bring a toothbrush, deodorant, and comb. However, other detox centers may need you to provide your own toiletries. If you have a particular brand that you prefer to use, ask whether it is provided in the center or whether you can bring it. Powerful-smelling perfume and heavy makeup are not allowed.

If you need to bring a prescription medicine with you, you can bring it but make sure to put it in its original bottle. Over-the-counter supplements or vitamins may not be permitted so check the detox center’s rules first.

4. Bring your beloved down-time stuff, as permitted by the rules of the center

If you are serious about getting clean, you will be in the detox center for about three months. This means you are more likely to get some spare time with no scheduled tasks, and you will need something entertaining to do. Do not bring along a suitcase filled with leisure activities — detox centers usually provide their own reading materials and games. Most detox centers would not allow patients to bring sports equipment, gadgets, “unsuitable” readings, or toys with plenty of bits and pieces.

Leisure things that you could bring (not much more than what would fit in your handbag) include:

  • Books of inspiration or self-help
  • Coloring and puzzle books
  • Sketchpads
  • Weaving projects;

Bring your diary or journal, too: besides maximizing your spare time, it will also be helpful in preparing your future.

5. Expect opportunities for external communications to be restricted

You can send snail-mail letters all you want, but you would not be allowed emails and other digital communications. Phone calls can also be restricted. One of the detox treatment objectives would be to maintain a distance between you and all stimuli that could tempt you to crave for the ‘good old times’ of self-medication while still establishing readiness for you to overcome the outside life again.

6. Have some cash handy

Many inpatient recovery facilities provide vending machines, snack foods, or bookshops where you can purchase items that are not provided at the expense of your stay. Do not spend carelessly: create a spending plan, or get a friend or family to give you ‘allowance’ during visits.

7. Do not bring your work with you

In this era of multitasking and fast round-the-world interaction, you will rarely see an employee go on a holiday — and the ensuing stressful situations are partly responsible for the massive proportion of ‘functional addicts’ among those who are openly successful. If you plan to spend three months in a detox center Las Vegas, the tiny ‘community’ of rehabilitation in Las Vegas will be your peaceful world for those months — and what is going on in the outside world is not your concern.