Breasts in Turkey: Answering the Top 5 Questions You’re About to Ask

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That’s right, it’s just that feeling. It’s Rihanna revealing she was pregnant at the Super Bowl halftime show, or watching season 1 of GOT a couple years late, and seeing Ned Stark meeting his demise. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on where you heard it, you’re pretty sure it’s true, but don’t know enough to get on board. Well, we’re here to put another one of those to bed for your: when it comes to breast jobs, Turkey is your destination.

Rest assured, that facebook ad and, your neighbor after vacation, and that hottie you blushingly follow on IG all really where pointing the same direction, and its that gorgeous Mediterranean republic known as Turkey. All that to say that the trend is real, and it’s growing faster than a kid’s curiosity on Christmas Eve.

Why the sudden interest in Turkey?

Because they’re just that good. The cosmetic surgeons, that is. And the process as a whole, from arrival, to choosing your procedure, to getting things handled and hanging out on a nice beach for recovery – it really is the place to get the job done, if you know what we mean.
Not convinced yet? Ok, here are some details for you. 

How’s the pricing?

The average cost you’ll be looking at (if you’re not leaning towards the extreme high or low end options) is roughly between $ 3500-6500.

It is worth mentioning, that the region’s significantly lower pricing does not indicate lower quality. The much more affordable asks are chiefly due to the thriving manufacturing sector with access to numerous production resources, cutting out the need to import almost all necessary medical equipment. Other reasons include comparatively low personnel wages, and the competitive market driving prices down. 

  Fees may fluctuate based on a number of factors. One being time of year, as local clinics may charge more during tourist season. Another one to look out for is the list of services provided. It is not uncommon for the full package to be offered, from pre-operative examinations to 10 year insurance guarantees and hotel-to-clinic transfer. Others may offer strictly day-of medical coverage for instance, whereas you may require post-op check-ups and support during the recovery period. So pay attention to what the package includes specifically, before making a decision based on cost. 

  For a basic idea of how the Turkey route compares to other options:

  • Czech Republic, for instance, can offer similar pricing, but is much harder to navigate, with less English-speaking options and infrastructure set up. 
  • Lithuania is a nice place to visit, but will be a few hundred bucks steeper than Istanbul, and, again, has far less medical options and personnel to choose from. Not to mention the special kind of bone-chilling cold Vilnius is often wreathed in. 
  • Sure, Mexico and Thailand are fun if you want to mix in some pleasure for a longer stay. But that’s right, you guessed it, you’ll overpay on procedure, recovery, transfer and stay. 

What about safety concerns?

The key reason this sector is expanding so quickly in Turkey, is actually not price, but quality. Safety risks plummet the more experience, infrastructure, and professionals accumulate. And the key cities around Turkey have no lack thereof. 

Here are a few clinics with pristine reputations that are worth your attention.


Located in Istanbul itself, this gorgeous and massive clinic (320 beds) boasts an impressive 98% patient satisfaction rate. It contains 50 specialized areas performing a broad range of procedures. You’ll soon be asking yourself whether it’s a vacation or an operation you’re there for. 


Up and running since 2013, this destination medical facility has 10 years of experience behind it’s shoulders. They are able to better the lives of 13 200 patients annually, with over 65 therapeutic and surgical, adult, and pediatric departments blasting on all cylinders simultaneously. Comfortable recovery will not be an issue if you choose to LIV it up in Istanbul. 


Smaller scale, bigger dreams. The name is derived obviously from the glowing new aesthetic you’ll have on leaving. Limiting themselves to just 15 beds is a quiet but firm declaration that they are committed to quality, not quantity. One of the top options available in Turkey, and you’ll feel the difference afforded by the extremely personal touch and attention to detail afforded by the entire staff and all but overly qualified personnel.


Some things don’t change. Whether you’re looking for the most chill local artesian restaurant or reliable and affordable auto repair shop; you’ve simply got to read the reviews. Same goes here. Patient testimonials are everything, and as mentioned earlier, Istanbul boasts some of the highest ratings on the planet. Europeans and potential patients from the US are not quick to lower health and safety standards in the name of saving a buck. So rest assured, the thousands of thousands of annual testimonials really do speak for themselves. To enhance your breasts augmentation experience in Turkey, be sure to consult with the specialists at the Plastic Surgery Turkey Group.

Is recovery an issue?

You will need 5 to 7 days in Turkey ideally to recover enough for comfortable travel. Many options include recovery facilities and bonus recovery procedures to make the process quicker and more restful. 

After returning to your normal routine, complete recovery can around to 4-6 weeks. A few key tips would be: buy yourself some compression clothes, sleep on your back, avoid excess stress and stay hydrated. Sure, they seem a bit obvious, but most good tips are.

What are the main options people choose? 

  • Breast augmentation. Let’s face it. For millions worldwide, in the end, size matters. The most common and all-around favorite, especially if you’re looking for a confidence boost and a bump in chest size. No shame, no hesitation, if you want it, you should have it. The augmentation process involves situating breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles to increase breast size. 
  • Breast lift. A breast lift is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to alter breast shape. You already know you’re all that. You’re gorgeous. But it’d be so nice to tweak things up there just a bit and get to the dream shame you know you could achieve.  
  • Breast reduction. Sure, many a partner would simple shudder at the mere idea. Heresy, they’d say. But the struggle is real, girls. Everything from endless trouble finding the perfect outfit due to sizing, to back pain, to real medical requirements, to a simple issue of taste can dictate the desire for a breast reduction. If you’re looking at Turkey, know it’s not a problem, thousands like you take the step each year.

So why Turkey? 

I think we’ve answered that pretty well. It’s cheaper, better, quicker, safer, more comfortable and heck it, a legitimate tourist destination! Bring the family along, make the trek up to the famed Galata Tower, get some Turkish tea on the corner of a narrow cobblestone street, hang around for a weekend of lounging on the beach. But most of all, do it all in your dream body, freshly touched up and ready to turn some heads. 

In conclusion

Hopefully we’ve wet your appetite and got your foot in the door, now go and do some research of your own. Choosing your specialist and clinic should be a fun and relaxing experience! So take your time, but pull the cord at some point and make the leap into the world Turkish beauty.