Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery the Best Option for You?

Woman Breast
Photo by Gabriel Sanchez

Following breast cancer, some women do want to rebuild their breasts but for others, this is not a necessity.

If you are considering breast reconstruction surgery, you will need to start your journey with a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon. If you have not yet undergone a mastectomy or tumour removal, it’s recommended that you look at your breast reconstruction options beforehand.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery – The Benefits

There are a number of benefits of undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. Here are a few of the pros:

  • Create a more balanced appearance in order to wear bras and swimsuits
  • Regain your breast shape
  • No need to deal with the hassle of wearing an external prosthesis
  • Experience more self-confidence

While breast reconstruction surgery does result in scars, they will fade over time. The main goal of this type of surgery is to ensure that your breasts look full, even and that you feel comfortable wearing your favourite clothing.

These breast reconstruction details from Dr Safvat clinic will provide you with more information on what happens during your procedure.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery – Key Considerations

  • You will have the option to undergo a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery at the same time but you can choose to do it at a later date
  • It’s perfectly fine to not want to undergo breast reconstruction surgery at all
  • It’s essential to have realistic expectations about what the surgery can achieve
  • The surgery will result in scars on your breasts as well as on any areas where tissue was removed
  • Reconstructed breasts don’t feel exactly like natural breasts because tissue from an area such as the hips will need to be used
  • If you tend to bleed or scar more than other people, it’s important to discuss this with your surgeon
  • There is a real chance that the breast skin or flaps won’t survive after the surgery, which will require a second procedure
  • There are factors that can make this a lengthy healing process, including your medication and any previous surgeries
  • You will need to stop smoking for at least 2 months before your breast reconstruction surgery
  • If only one breast needs to be reconstructed, your surgeon may need to work on the healthy breast too in order to achieve a similar shape and size
  • Immediate breast reconstruction may not be possible if radiation is a part of your treatment plan

Breast Reconstruction Surgery – The Risks

To begin with, it should be noted that breast reconstruction surgery will not cause your cancer to return. If it does return, your new breasts won’t make it more difficult to detect abnormalities, so this should not be a cause for concern if you’re considering reconstruction.

As with any surgery, infection is a possible risk but if you carefully follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions, this won’t be a problem.

The only risk that this surgery poses is that both breasts might not look exactly the same and that your breasts won’t feel as natural as they once did.