Breast Augmentation: What To Do Before the Procedure

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The success and safety of your breast augmentation procedure depend on how well you follow the rules. If you decide to have the surgery, it could be a while before you go through it, and several things should be considered. 

To help you with that, check out this article as a guide or checklist to consult as you go through weeks and days before you start your breast augmentation surgery st Louis.

Eat Healthy For Weeks

Always eat proper nutrition consistently for weeks. Everyone knows that fad diets and binge eating are bad for your health and happiness.

Protein is good for healing wounds. Start eating protein two weeks before your operation. Consume foods that are high in vitamin C and zinc.

Stop Vices

Your nutrition and organ health can worsen if you drink too much alcohol. Your liver is vital to recovery because it removes harmful substances and breaks down medicines.

Smoking also slows healing. At least four weeks before surgery, you should avoid tobacco, e-cigarettes, vape pens, marijuana, and other THC and nicotine products. Also, avoid smokers.

Exercise, Meditate, and Relax

Bodywork and practicing mindfulness can help you stay healthy and fit. Exercise moderately to improve posture and strength while keeping your body and mind in sync. It would alert your body enough to continue giving you what you need. 

Aside from that, meditation helps your body relax and recover.

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Stay Safe, Stay Hygienic

You need to be in the best health and have the best hygiene before surgery. Stay away from the sick and wash your hands often.

When you shower, shave or wax your armpits since that will be hard to do after surgery. In addition, use an anti-microbial body wash with no scent. Do not use products with fragrances, as this could cause or worsen allergic reactions.

If you keep getting sick with a cold, virus, or other illness, the clinic might call off the surgery for your safety. Take care of any illnesses immediately, and call the clinic if your health has changed significantly.

No Food Or Drink Beyond Noon (The Day Before Surgery)

If you eat anything, even a snack or candy, and drink more water than you need to brush your teeth or take medicine, your surgery may get canceled.

It is because the anesthetic during operation stops your reflexes for a short time. If you have food and drink in your stomach, you might throw up or bring food into your throat while on the surgery table.

Avoid Certain Medications or Supplements 

Your risk of bleeding and other complications may rise if you take any of the following:

  • Medicines with Aspirin or Aspirin itself
  • Oral contraceptives/birth control
  • Estrogen supplements
  • Vitamin E
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Garlic supplements
  • Green tea or green tea extract

Prepare What You Need During and Post Surgery

Plan to take time off work and get help with housework, childcare, shopping, or driving after surgery. Make sure a responsible adult drives for you and someone is there for you 24 hours a day afterward.

Before your surgery, your prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy. Usually, they give a prescription for an antibiotic and a painkiller. Please make plans to pick up and secure these things before the surgery. 

Also, prepare anything else you need, like:

  • Identification cards like Driver’s license
  • All paper works required
  • Reading glasses (if needed)
  • Insurance card
  • Extra cash

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Makeup, jewelry, contact lenses, hair clips, and body piercings are NOT ALLOWED. And please notify the admitting nurse if you cannot remove something. 

Wear spick-and-span, loose-fitting clothing: Only tops with buttons or a front zipper are acceptable. There should not be any turtlenecks, pullovers, or tight clothes. Also, wear slippers. It may be cold in the operating room, so wear fresh cotton socks.

Be Disciplined

Remember the old saying, “From out of pain, beauty.” If you follow this guide, you can reach your goals with no regrets. Learn to be gentle with yourself so that you won’t feel too pressured.