Biohacking For Anxiety Relief- 8 Tactics That Work

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Chronic anxiety is the worst thing to deal with as its implications extend beyond stress and restlessness. You lose focus, feel irritated, and miss out on the best things in life. Anxiety can even take a toll on your career and relationships eventually. Not to mention, it can affect the quality of life if you overlook the initial symptoms. But you need not depend on medications and behavioral therapy to address the issue. 

There are better and holistic solutions that work without burning a hole in your wallet. Biohacking is an effective technique that works for everyone. The best part is that it lets you manipulate your body and brain to treat the condition on your own. Consider it a DIY treatment that provides lasting relief without dependence on drugs and expensive therapies. Here are the effective anxiety relief tactics you can try with biohacking. 

Work out until you feel lightheaded

The easiest way to drive away an anxiety attack is by working out until you feel lightheaded. Consider doing a single long set, not a long workout. Push-ups, squats, and high-rep bodyweight exercises are ideal for quick relief because they get your mind off the stress trigger.  Keep pushing until you reach the point when you cannot do another rep. At this stage, you end up feeling tired and lightheaded, and stress takes a backseat. Also, a quick workout speeds up the release of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, in your brain. You end up feeling relaxed and calm. 

Get outside

You tend to feel more anxious in closed environments, so getting outside can do wonders for dealing with stress. Whenever you see a panic attack coming, get up and go out for a walk. It cuts you off from the trigger immediately and lets the worst moments pass. Moreover, fresh air and sunlight have therapeutic benefits and calm down your senses. It is a good idea to pick outdoor exercises when you feel stressed because you can avail of dual benefits.

Maintain a stringent sleep schedule

Biohacking advocates swear by the benefits of good sleep for stress relief. Losing sleep disrupts your circadian rhythm, which exacerbates your anxiety. A regular sleep schedule alleviates the concern by getting your rhythm on track. Getting eight hours of sleep a night is essential, so manage your schedule accordingly. You may get an hour less, but it should be a deep, restful slumber. Managing sleep requires some work, but a few habits can make a difference. Cut down your screen time to minimal, eat light meals in the evening, and take a hot shower before hitting the bed. A cup of herbal tea at bedtime induces restful sleep as well. 

Steer clear of stimulants

Stimulants are more harmful than you imagine as they contribute to anxiety. The next time you go overboard with nicotine, caffeine, or even pre-workout formulas, think twice. They may give you an energy kick, but anxiety is the price you may have to pay. Try cutting down on these stimulants, and you will feel better instantly. You can start small with tolerance breaks once a month. It will help you reset your tolerance so that you can cut back on intake gradually. You will find yourself close to ditching these stimulants for good after regular breaks for a few months. Anxiety relief comes as a bonus.

Practice deep breathing and meditation 

Deep breathing and meditation are the biohacks that never let you down, no matter how anxious you feel. You need to master the technique of avoiding anxiety with breathing to get real and sustainable results. Practice breathing from your belly, not chest, and do it as slowly as possible. You will feel the stress melting away gradually as your mind purges negative thoughts and regains focus. Combine breathing exercises with a few minutes of meditation, and you will be a calmer, happier, and healthier person. Follow it as a daily routine to get quick and lasting results. 


Eat a probiotic-rich diet

Surprisingly, your diet can go a long way with stress management. Research studies validate the efficacy of probiotic supplements for treating anxiety. But it makes sense to rely on food sources rather than supplements because there are plenty of options available. Moreover, probiotic-rich foods provide a broad spectrum of probiotic strains that mimic the ones existing naturally in your gut. Sauerkraut, kimchi, Greek yogurt, kefir, kombucha, miso, and tempeh are some of the best dietary sources of probiotics. Add them to your daily diet for better gut health and stress relief.

Try flooding 

Flooding is another biohack worth trying because it makes you overcome anxiety triggers by facing them. For example, you can go to a  networking or speed-dating event if you suffer from social anxiety. You will have to meet and interact with people here, exposing you to the phobia that scares you the most. The practice sounds scary, but it can help address low-grade anxiety. The hack may not be apt for people dealing with full-blown panic attacks, but it can motivate you to handle your challenges on your own. 

Cut the clutter

Clutter causes stress, whether it is in your mind, living space, workplace, or life. Purge worries because they can make you anxious, declutter your home, and do away with redundant things at your workplace. Avoid cramming your life with too many obligations and relationships because juggling them can be a real challenge. Embrace minimalism and life will be a lot easier. Stick with fewer things and people you need and love. Slow down and relax, and focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Cutting out habits that contribute to anxiety also helps. Constantly checking messages and emails, pounding back coffee, and over socializing are the ones to steer clear of.


Anxiety is an integral part of human existence, and you can expect to face it at all times. Everything boils down to finding healthy solutions to keep it under control. Natural and holistic are the best options. Follow these simple biohacks, and you can handle anxiety the easy way.