Biggest Health Benefits Of Using Custom Mattresses

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On average, a human spends one-third of their life sleeping which should alert us all to the actual value of a good night’s sleep. Getting in those eight hours after a long day of work is essential if you want to stay healthy and active to take on the days ahead. 

What does it take to achieve a quality good night’s sleep? The first step is the right mattress from Since everyone has their own specific needs and requirements, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all option. This is where custom mattresses come in.

Before you head on over to a custom mattress factory to select one for yourself, it is essential to fully understand the health benefits they offer. Here is a complete guide on why you need to be sleeping on a custom mattress. 

They are tailored to your required size 

Have you ever been in a situation where a standard mattress just doesn’t fit right? You might find it to be a tight squeeze or one that does not accommodate enough leg space. This can cause a lack of mobility and comfort while sleeping, leading to a variety of different health concerns. Custom mattresses eradicate all such sleeping problems by offering a tailored size that is just right for you and your body type. This way, they provide the optimal level of support that is required for a good night’s sleep. You will never have to worry about fitting on your mattress because the custom mattress will be made to fit you. 

They help eradicate aches and pains 

If you wake up in the morning feeling more tired or lethargic than when you fell asleep, then there is a problem with the sort of mattress you are using. This is a common problem that many people face because the stiffness and nature of the foam used are not ideal. Your lower back and body are not adequately supported, which is why you are not experiencing aches and pains. Some mattresses may feel too firm, while others are too soft. Here is why you need to have a custom mattress made for yourself. Based on your lumbar curvature and sleep requirements, a custom mattress creates the right level of firmness required. This can prevent lower back pain as well as the development of any sort of musculoskeletal disorder. 

They can cater to your allergies 

You may be experiencing sneezing or trouble breathing at night without fully understanding the root cause of the problem. This could very well be due to the mattress you are sleeping on. The sag in the foam and the material used could all point towards the fact that it is not supporting your allergies and breathing cycle. This means that you may suffer from sleep apnea which in turn causes other health concerns to trigger. Getting a custom-made mattress will mean that you handpick the material and style of mattress that is optimal for you. You can select natural and organic materials as a cover while keeping the base adjustable. For example, bamboo quilts are highly breathable and hypoallergenic. This will prevent night-time allergies and will not restrict airflow in any sleeping position. Now you will be able to enjoy a sound sleep without having breathing concerns. 

They create an optimal temperature 

Several people complain of their standard mattresses feeling too hot or too cold at night. This is true, especially for memory foam mattresses. A common complaint against such mattresses is that they tend to be on the warmer side and often experience overheating when put to use. This is particularly uncomfortable for those users who belong to warmer climates. They experience a disturbed sleep cycle where they wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and stuffy. This can be resolved using a custom mattress because the right blend of materials can help keep things cool and comfortable. 

Final Thoughts 

A good night’s rest is vital as it defines the sort of day you will have in terms of energy levels and a good mood. This is why creating an optimal sleeping environment is crucial and can be easily accomplished using a custom mattress. Think of it as an investment you are making to ensure good physical and mental health. If you are ready to enjoy the best sleep of your life, head on over and make the switch to a custom mattress.