Best Vegan Diets To Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

Shiitake Mushrooms

Finding the right amount of Vitamin D in a vegan diet can be difficult. Foods like oily fish, red meat, liver, and egg yolk are rich in this substance. But they aren’t considered a vegan-friendly diet. Consuming too much Vitamin D, on the other hand, can cause high blood pressure.  

Unlike Spectrum Customer Service, the only person that can help you live healthier is you. It is important to eat foods that provide enough Vitamin D for your body to perform at the optimal level. That means being aware of the right foods and quantities for you. Vitamin D provides multiple benefits when it comes to bone health and muscle function. We will be examining different sources that are both rich in Vitamin D and considered good for vegetarians. However, you need to hold yourself accountable for your food intake.  

But first, let’s discuss several important things about Vitamin D.

What Is Vitamin D and Why Do We Need It? 

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble secosteroid. Our bodies require Vitamin D to absorb phosphate, magnesium, and calcium. It helps our bodies acquire calcium from the food we consume. Deficiency in Vitamin D often leads to brittle bones and weak muscles. It is also referred to as “the sunshine vitamin”.  

Moreover, the human body requires Vitamin D to stay healthy. Studies have shown that people deficient in Vitamin D are vulnerable to infections and autoimmune issues. Lack of Vitamin D also causes depression. Health experts are researching to confirm if Vitamin D can prevent cancer and reduce other cardiovascular diseases.

What Type of Vegan Foods Are Rich In Vitamin D? 

Vitamin D is a unique secosteroid. It is found in many food items as well as the sunlight. Our bodies convert cholesterol into Vitamin D during exposure to sunlight. This is why it is also called the “sunshine vitamin”.  

Most Vitamin D-rich foods come from animals. However, you can find several vegan diets that provide Vitamin D in abundant quantities. Fortified cereals and milk are great sources of Vitamin D. Below is the detailed list of vegan foods rich in Vitamin D.  


Mushrooms are another great source of Vitamin D. They belong to the only category of plants that provide Vitamin D. Mushrooms that receive ultraviolet light during the growth stage contain about several micrograms of Vitamin D. On the other hand, mushrooms exposed to dark contain low levels of Vitamin D.  

Remember, you get Vitamin D-2 from mushrooms and Vitamin D-3 from animal products. While the former isn’t as bioavailable as the latter, it can improve Vitamin D levels in your body.  


You can get Vitamin D from fortified cereals and oatmeal labels. You can confirm the presence of Vitamin D by looking at the nutritional information on the box. Each label adds different levels of Vitamin D to their products. Many kinds of cereal contain between 0.2 and 0.25 micrograms of Vitamin D.  

Soy Milk & Rice Milk 

You can get about 2.9 micrograms of Vitamin D from a single cup of fortified milk. However, you will need to read the ingredients on the label to confirm the presence of Vitamin D. This is because non-fortified soy milk brands do not provide sufficient Vitamin D.  

Similarly, most rice milk labels are fortified with Vitamin D. The quantity may vary from brand to brand. Some labels of fortified rice milk also provide Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin A.  

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Orange Juice & Almond Milk 

Orange juice labels fortified with Vitamin D will provide this information on the packaging. A single cup of fortified orange juice usually contains about 2.5 micrograms of Vitamin D. Moreover, you can get Vitamin D from fortified almond milk. A single serving of almond milk contains more or less the same micrograms of Vitamin D as orange juice.  


You can get Vitamin D from certain supplements. However, it is advisable to take advice from your medical counselor about Vitamin D supplements. Moreover, you should take Vitamin D supplements with fat-rich foods like nuts and avocados.  


Sunlight is the ultimate and most convenient source of Vitamin D. Experts recommend bathing for 10 to 30 minutes in the sunlight, three days a week to get Vitamin D. However, overexposure to sunlight can bring forth harmful consequences like skin burn and even skin cancer.


It is important to combine Vitamin D supplements with a meal to enhance abruption into your bloodstream. Getting the right micrograms of Vitamin into your body can prevent depression and fatigue. Being a vegetarian, you should try to get Vitamin D from multiple vegan-friendly food sources to boost your Vitamin D levels.