Benefits Of Bottle Feeding Your Baby


Although the concept of “breast is best” is thrown around without a second thought, there are millions of parents that cannot breastfeed their babies. 

There could be a myriad of reasons why breastfeeding isn’t possible for you – from being a single father or a male same-sex household, to not producing enough milk or suffering from the pain of breastfeeding. The list goes on, so don’t feel ashamed if you need to bottle feed your child. You will be giving them the best you can.

In fact, there are multiple benefits to feeding your baby with a bottle, preferably using a quality organic baby formula.

You Can’t Over Buy

When you’re breastfeeding, you need to pump your breasts multiple times a day to make sure they don’t leak unexpectedly. Sometimes you even end up with more milk than your baby needs, creating a waste product.

When you use formula, you don’t have to worry about breast leakages, and you won’t end up with tons of milk going off in your refrigerator. That being said, the baby formula does have an expiration date, so you can end up buying more than you can use.

If you find yourself with too much formula and nearing the end of the expiration date, then visit Sell Formula. The website allows you to sell your formula (as long as it’s still in date), getting your money back for the wasted product. This means you can never overbuy, as you can always get your money back. No wasted money or milk.

A Painless Experience

Although many people say that breastfeeding is a pure moment of connection between baby and mother, for many people this moment is extremely painful. Children bite, suck and overwork your nipples, leading to bruising, cracks, and even blood.

The issue is so common that nipple treatment is often needed, using creams, gels, or doctor-requested breaks.

Breastfeeding in public – Photo by: Chris Alban Hansen

Damage to the breast tissue shouldn’t be taken likely, as bacteria, thrush or mastitis can cause pain and discomfort to both the parent and the baby. 

Even if you breastfeed most of the time, when you notice damage to your nipples, take a break and switch to formula. With a bottle, you will not experience the pain of breastfeeding.

Babies Have Allergies Too – Formula Helps Them Eat Healthily

We all know someone who is lactose intolerant or has to monitor an allergy. Although we expect these issues in adults, it’s important to remember that babies can have these problems too.

When you breastfeed, your child will be eating milk contaminated with the food you eat. For most children, this isn’t a problem. However, if your kid has a reaction it can be extremely difficult to figure out what has caused the problem.

This is because the child is not only drinking milk, but they are also receiving traces of the food you eat too. 

Switching to formula allows you to narrow down what the issue is. It can also help you control your child’s diet and monitor where any reactions come from.

Bottle-Feeding Is Less Demanding

When you breastfeed, you need to be aware of what you’re eating, as your baby is eating it too. But, you also have to complete a contamination and storage routine to keep your milk healthy. 

First, your breasts may start to leak when your child isn’t ready to feed. This means you need to milk your breasts to keep the food fresh and prepared for the baby. Then, you need to pasteurize it, making sure it hits the right temperature to remove any bacteria.


Lastly, you need to rub an expensive location on your body to make sure your breasts stay healthy.

With bottled milk, you simply need to ensure the bottle is cleaned at a high temperature. After that, you just add in the powder and water. There is nothing else to worry about.

Anyone Can Bottle Feed

Lastly, when you bottle feed a child, everyone in the family can help and get involved. Fathers, older siblings, grandparents, everyone. The job doesn’t solely rely on the birthing parent, which means everyone can have a rest from the demanding responsibilities of being a parent of a newborn.


Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding are healthy options for a child and parent, but completely dismissing formula is unnecessary. Bottle feeding can help control your baby’s diet, allow the birthing parent to have a rest, and stop your breasts from being damaged.

And if you end up over-buying formula, you can always sell it on. There is no waste.