Are You Cut Out To Be A Nurse? The 3 Signs That You Are

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Not everybody is cut out to be a nurse. It is one of the most challenging jobs there is that is very demanding. The workload is off the charts as is the crazy schedule that is expected of you. There are parts of the job that squeamish people wouldn’t be able to handle at all. 

If it turns out that you are cut out for it then it’s a career that you will reap the rewards from for years to come. This means that you have to do something of a self-audit to understand if this is a career that you should pursue. It can take a few years of classes and there are other complications to consider such as maybe one day needing a registered nurse license defense attorney. 

1 – What’s your personality type?

There are certain personality types that are easy to categorize. Some people have a lot of empathy and strive to help others. There are some that are extremely organized and can juggle a lot of tasks at once without missing a beat. Then there are some who are adrenaline junkies and love the thrill of a high-paced career where every day presents unique challenges. 

You should think about doing a personality test that will help you identify your personality type so you can understand if your personality matches the type of job that nursing is. If you exhibit any of the traits described above then it is a good bet that you are cut out for this job. 

If it turns out that your personality is geared toward jobs that are more laid back and predictable then you will probably want to look elsewhere as nursing is not like that at all. You should also talk to some nurses so you can gauge what they are like and if you are similar to them in personality. 

2 – Do you think on your feet?

Quick thinkers thrive when they end up as nurses. This is because life in a hospital is hardly predictable and it requires the ability to make snap decisions. In fact, sometimes these are life or death decisions that you might be making. 

If you have the ability to think quickly and evaluate a situation in seconds then you have what it takes to be a nurse. You have to be a self-starter and not always wait for instructions on what to do next. Very often you will have to take charge of a situation to make sure that people end up alright. 

3 – Are you an active listener?

To be an active listener doesn’t just mean that you are hearing what the other person is telling you but you are giving your full attention to them. You’re also hearing what the person isn’t saying. In other words, you are picking up on body language and are able to read between the lines. 

Sometimes people have difficulty putting into words what they are feeling or needing at that moment. As a nurse, it is up to you to figure it out and when you are an active listener you will thrive.