Are You Considering A Nursing Home Transition Program?


People who reside in a nursing home should ideally undertake the Nursing Home Transition Program. This is a specific program that is designed for people who want to take some other living options in consideration rather than living in a nursing home for the rest of their lives.

The Home care agencies near me can help you in a great deal if you want to move out of a nursing home after living there for a few months or a few years. In order to avail such benefits all you have to do is make the call to a reliable and reputable agency and ask for information about the Nursing Facility Transition program.

  • The process of availing this program is simple. It all starts with making a phone call to the area agency for aging.
  • Once the call is over and you have answered the questions successfully, a care manager will contact you to fix an appointment to meet with you in person.

It is this time when you come to know about all your available options, if you want to make then best choice, make sure that you do not take the decision alone but involve anyone trusted by you such as your spouse, friends, adult children, siblings, or anyone else.

Irrespective of your age and income, the agency representative will speak with you to find out the individual situation, the care needs, and the environment, all of which will play a significant role in the final outcome of the care process.

It is customary for a reliable and reputable area agency for aging to offer a non-biased assessment of the situations as well as the recipient of the care process and provide you with the information so that you can make an informed choice considering all the available options before you.

Moving out of the nursing home

The area agency on aging will help you a great deal in moving out of a nursing home setting. They do it every day as a practice and help the seniors to be independent and live their life just as they want.

  • They will help you to move back to your home with bathing and cleaning assistance
  • Provide you with other support services as well as your family or friends.

Whether you want to move into your home or into an assisted living facility or adult foster care home for the aged it is required to make sure that you make the most appropriate decisions. If you move into a care home make sure that:

  • It is appropriately licensed
  • Staffs are available round the clock for 7 days a week and 365 days a yea
  • Proper and adequate care services are provided and
  • The cost fits in your budget.

In situations where you do not have a house or an apartment to move back to, sometimes the Bucks county area agency on agingmay have Housing Specialist on staff. The specialist will work with you to understand the housing preferences and will help you to find an affordable, accessible and suitable housing where you can live and age peacefully.In order to start the process, all you have to do is complete a referral worksheet, if required along with the application form and send it to the AAA.

Benefits and services

When you sign in on the contract to receive such services, make sure that you are not missing out on any benefits and services that are usually provided by the area agency on aging. Ideally, there are several great programs offered by these agencies for theolder Americans and disabled individuals. However, unfortunately, the people do not often know about these till the time a crisis arises when they need to reach out for support urgently.

If you are not knowledgeable then it is imperative that you will miss out on the benefits of such service provided by these agencies that are primarily aimed at making the life and health of the older citizens better and more comfortable.

Therefore, do not take a chance on the local area agency on aging and choose one that will assist you in almost all aspects of life. You will need to research well about the agency and base your research on a few specific points as under:

Medicaid waiver program: If you want to stay at home, you should choose for in-home services for people receiving Medicaid benefits who are at risk of nursing home care. The case manager in this situation will assess the needs and work with you as well as your physician to determine the type of assistance you need to stay safely at home. In such situations the most common types of in-home services that you will need include homemaker services, personal care, home delivered meals and some respite.

Family caregivers: If you are taking care of your loved one then these agencies may also provide some assistance that are specifically designed to support the family caregivers. Included in these programs are information, education, assistance, respite and also supplemental services to caregivers.

Senior activity centers: If you are looking for specific services such as friends, fellowship, and a noon meal, the area agency on aging may also support senior activity centers. These centers provide socialization, education, recreation and health promotion to the senior individuals aged 60 and above. With no limitation in participation due to income, many such centers offer day trips, computer access, and exercise classes in addition to their basic services along with hot nutritious meals as well as home-delivered ones too.

Onboard a SHIP

Just make sure that for all your home care and assistance needs you get the Medicare benefits. You should understand the savings for premiums, co-pays and deductibles and most importantly the State Health Insurance and Assistance Program, or SHIP. The agencies will also provide you with counseling about Medicare benefits, how to enroll, how to look for the best plans available and how to qualify for deductibles, premiums, co-insurance.

With all these beneficial services provided, the area agency on aging surely deserves an ‘AAA’ term and status.