Are CBD Treats Unhealthy?


CBD is one of those products that’s suddenly started popping up everywhere, and when you know more about it, it’s easy to see why. CBD is said to have lots of benefits such as helping soothe the symptoms of anxiety, provide pain relief, and even help you fall asleep! You can find lots of different types of CBD products too, from CBD oil to CBD sweets, the possibilities are endless. CBD sweets are becoming more and more popular, with CBD lollipops and gummies taking centre stage. But before you start eating them, you might be wondering if they’re actually good for you. So, keep reading and find out if CBD treats are unhealthy.

What Is CBD? 

First things first, we need to talk about what CBD actually is. CBD is a compound that’s extracted from a hemp plant that contains no THC. This means that CBD isn’t psychoactive and won’t impact your mental capabilities in any way. CBD is extracted through a CO2 process that involves the hemp plant being placed into a carbon dioxide filled chamber that then has pressure applied to turn the CO2 into a liquid. This liquid is then mixed with the carrier i.e., oil, and then added into whatever product it’s going to be made into. 

What Are CBD Treats? 

CBD treats are pretty much what they say on the tin; a sweet treat with CBD added into it. There are lots of different ones to choose from, and you may find that you like a variety of them in your cupboards. CBD gummies are one of the most popular, as they can be carried around in your bag and taken whenever you need them. CBD cookies are also a firm favourite as they provide you with a delicious baked good and a dose of CBD. You can even find CBD lollipops that provide you with a slow release of CBD as you eat it. CBD treats make it a lot easier to take CBD, as the oil can have quite a strong bitter taste that’s hard to get used to. So, instead of trying to force yourself to get used to a flavour you don’t like, why not go for something that’s actually tasty and take CBD treats. 

How Many Should I Eat? 

How many CBD treats you should eat will all depend on the strength of them and what your individual needs are. Some people need quite high amounts of CBD to help with things like chronic pain or anxiety. But other people may only need small doses to help them fall asleep. This means you need to eat as many as you need to help make up your total dose. CBD treats tend to come in lower strengths too, with CBD cookies having 25mg added into them. This means that one whole cookie could be enough for you to get your required dose, or if you needed 50mg then you’d have to eat two. However, if you need an even higher dose, it’s probably best to get it from elsewhere like gummies as they will be lower in calories. So, there’s no set number of how many CBD treats you should eat, as it’s all down to your personal preference and needs. 

Are They Unhealthy? 

When it comes to the healthiness of CBD treats, it all depends on what you eat and how much. If you have one CBD cookie a day and eat a balanced diet the rest of the time, then it will be a healthy snack. However, if you eat lots of processed foods and eat multiple CBD cookies a day, then they definitely will be unhealthy. When it comes to food, it’s all about balance so having a CBD treat when you need it, isn’t going to be bad for you. It will also depend on what type of CBD treat you eat. Cookies are automatically going to be higher in calories than gummies or lollipops, so if you eat multiple cookies in a day, then you could consider them an unhealthy choice. It’s not the CBD itself that’s unhealthy, but the type of treat you choose to eat and how much of it that will make it so. 

CBD treats are a fantastic way to get your daily dose of CBD as they offer you a tasty, yet easy way to take your CBD without stress. Being pre-dosed makes them even more appealing as you won’t have to worry about trying to measure out all the different mls of oil or weighing out the CBD wax. While CBD treats aren’t unhealthy, if you eat too many of them, they can become that way. But that can be said about anything, so it’s not exactly fair to call CBD treats unhealthy. So, if you’re thinking about taking CBD but aren’t sure which method you’d prefer, why not try CBD treats. This way you can get your dose in a fun, delicious way and you’ll be able to feel the relaxing benefits within minutes.