Abdominal skin tightening – when is this operation needed?

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The stomach, and especially its lower part, — a problem area for many women and men. The experience of most of them demonstrates that a balanced diet and regular physical activity are not always enough to maintain harmony and attractiveness. Fortunately, such a popular plastic surgery as Abdominoplasty

What is abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty — this is a surgical intervention to restore the aesthetically correct shape of the abdomen and eliminate pathological changes that occur against the background of obesity, pregnancy, and a sedentary lifestyle.

It should be noted that tummy tuck belongs to the category of major operations. It is performed under general anesthesia and requires careful preparation from the doctor and patient in order to achieve an ideal result and prevent complications.

Most often, women turn to plastic surgeons for help in restoring an attractive figure. The reasons for this are not only a stable stereotype of an impeccable figure and a genetic predisposition to weight gain, but also pregnancy and childbirth. They are accompanied by changes in the anterior abdominal wall, which include the divergence of the rectus muscles, the weakening of the muscular skeleton, the decrease in skin elasticity, the occurrence of hernias, etc.

Indications for a tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty is performed in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • abdominal obesity;
  • scar stretch marks of the skin, scars after injuries and surgical interventions;
  • flabbiness of the skin as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, strong weight loss, age-related changes;
  • diastasis rectus abdominis;
  • vertical hernias;
  • congenital malformations of the anterior abdominal wall.

It is strongly not recommended to perform a tummy tuck during pregnancy and lactation, severe mental illness, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, inflammatory diseases, heart and kidney failure.

Where can I get an abdominoplasty

An important condition for a successful intervention — access to a highly qualified plastic surgeon. Only a professional can objectively assess the patient’s condition and the presence of concomitant diseases, predict the likely risks, and prevent complications.

Latvian Center for Microsurgery is one of the clinics that has many years of experience in performing tummy tuck. Here, two types of interventions are carried out for patients:

  • Incomplete abdominoplasty. During the operation, the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the lower abdomen is removed without changing the position of the navel.
  • Complete or classic tummy tuck. In this case, the intervention captures both the lower and middle parts of the abdomen from the chest to the pubis. The volume of such an operation is much larger. Simultaneously with a complete abdominoplasty, all additional manipulations are performed to remove adipose tissue, hernias, and correct aponeurosis and muscles. 

Abdominoplasty price directly depends on the volume of intervention. The procedure without navel correction will cost the patient 3,200 euros. The cost of a full abdominoplasty is slightly higher and is about 4,000 euros.

The duration of the postoperative period is also determined by the complexity of the operation. Patients are advised to use a compression bandage for four weeks after plastic surgery and eat a healthy diet. You can return to physical activity no earlier than after six weeks.