A helpful guide to fat-loss Coolsculpting treatment

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Do you get frustrated looking at the stubborn fat that simply refuses to leave your body? Despite following a strict diet, doing regular workouts, and leading a healthy lifestyle, it stubbornly remains where it is. If you can relate, you may be on the lookout for a quick fat-loss procedure that can remove those unsightly layers of fat.

However, one major reason for your hesitation is that some treatments tend to have side effects that may impact your quality of life and even create problems in the long run. 

Thankfully, the procedure called Coolsculpting is different from the rest. Using a technology called cryolipolysis, it freezes the fat cells within the body and then eliminates them permanently. How does the treatment work, and what are some things you must know before opting for it? Read on to find out. 

How does this technology work?

Coolsculpting is a fat-loss procedure quite unlike any you might know. Unlike most treatments that aim to melt off excess fat, it freezes the fat cells inside the body completely. The FDA approved the treatment in 2010, and since then, it has become one of the highly sought after treatments. 

While most procedures require an anesthetic, cryolipolysis doesn’t. It is a non-surgical treatment and does not involve penetration of the skin.

In what areas is it effective?

This procedure is effective for any body part containing excess fat, including the chin, jawline, abdomen, side flanks, back and bra fat, underarms, below the buttocks, and thighs (both inner and outdoor). 

Some people mistakenly believe it to be a weight loss procedure, whereas, in reality, it helps you get rid of the visible fat layer that you can pinch with your fingers. 

How to get ready for the treatment?

Even though this treatment does not require extensive preparations, you must observe certain precautions to receive the best results. Your clinician would probably advise you against taking blood-thinning medicines like aspirin a week before the procedure. 

Ensure you don’t bruise the treatable area even slightly since that is where your doctor would use paddles to suction and massage the skin. They might postpone the process if they notice even a minor bruise. You might also want to avoid tanning a week before since it makes the skin sensitive. 

Who is eligible for the procedure?

According to the FDA, you are eligible for this procedure if your BMI is below 30. If you want to receive the treatment for the chin area, your BMI should be less than 43. 

What is its total duration?

An average session takes between 35 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on the area and fat quantity. You do not require any downtime after the treatment (a period devoted to rest and recovery) and can resume your daily routine after a few hours at the most.

Is the process painful?

Since this method of fat removal is non-invasive, it is less painful than invasive procedures like liposuction. The suction pressure exerted by the handles might cause you tugging, pulling, and pinching sensations. During the process, you might experience cold, tingling, and cramping. However, those are normal reactions to the machine working on the fat cells inside the body.

How long does it take to see results? 

You will have to ask your doctor the specific time after which you can see the results since you might require several sessions. Under normal circumstances, you will start noticing a change in your body after a few weeks or between the third to fourth weeks. 

Coolsculpting is the best way to get rid of excessive fat and get the appearance you want. It is quick, convenient, and practical. You don’t even have to prepare extensively for the treatment while the results are permanent.