A guide to what a dental surgery website needs to maximise SEO

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Do you need a way to optimise your dental surgery website to attract more patients? 

If you are new to the area of SEO, it can be a tricky area to navigate. So, in this article, 5 easy ways to maximise your dental surgery’s SEO will be discussed, so you can hit the ground running.

You need content

Dental websites need to have information on them about what it is that your team does, who you are and what it is that you can offer that no other team can. Therefore, you will need articles and content explaining this. 

But there are some rules for it to work well and attain SEO; it needs to be original and it needs to have keywords placed strategically. If it isn’t original, then down the ranks, you will go on Google! And, if you do something known as ‘keyword stuffing’, you may face a Google penalty.

You need a fast page

Remember a few years back when you would click on a website, and it would take ages to load?

In 2023, that is no longer acceptable (not that it ever should have been!). Research has found that if your website takes longer than between 3 to 5 seconds to load, there is a 99% chance that the person visiting the page will click off it. Not only that, but the Google bots are not big fans of slowness either, and it may lead to your surgery page being ranked lower.

Marketing teams can seek to speed up your webpage by compressing images. However, it can be complex, so generally, it is not recommended that you try this alone, and you should seek the help of such a team to ensure it works for your surgery page.

You need to be mobile-optimised

Very few people own a desktop computer, and if they do, chances are they don’t take it out with them when they are going to work!

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In 2023, most websites will be accessed via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if you want to optimise your dental surgery website’s SEO, you will need to ensure that the page is optimised for mobile devices. Of course, this will likely fall outside the realm of your skills as a dental surgery manager, so it is best left to a trained team of marketing experts.

You need high-quality photos

Most people have been onto a website that is full of stock photos and have been immediately put off by them. 

Even if they are of high quality, they are generic and certainly have no place on a professional dental surgery page. 

So, when it comes to getting your website up and running and being impressive, you should hire a professional photographer. They can take professional-grade photos of your team, your surgery and any equipment that you have, which will look great on your website. 

You need social media

So, when it comes to making a dental surgery webpage that is going to be SEO-ready, you need to have yours linked to a social media page. This will not only increase the cross-website interaction, but will also enable you to update your website’s social media while boosting the SEO of your dental surgery page at the same time. 

SEO and Google bots love websites that are regularly updated, so having a linked social media page can and will tick this box and help with higher rankings.