9 Qualities That Make An Excellent Care Home

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Looking for a suitable care home for your loved one can be challenging. Although location is important, there are also a lot of other vital factors to consider. When looking for a care home, there are certain qualities that you should look out for to ensure that you are choosing the right one. This article will discuss a few of them in more detail. It’s time to find a trustworthy care home, so you can seek peace of mind that your loved one is in the right hands. 

A Welcoming Environment

When you first enter a care home, pay close attention to your first impressions of the place. Did you feel like the environment was welcoming? A care home should not feel like a hospital. Instead, it should feel homely and a place where your loved one can feel at ease. Put yourself in the position of a resident. Ask yourself – would you feel intimidated living here. If the answer is yes, it is wise to look elsewhere. Understandably, moving to a care home can be scary for any resident. However, a comfortable environment can help ease worries. If your loved one is anxious about the prospect of moving to a care home, take a look at some tips to alleviate anxiety online to help them. 

Attentive Care

Every resident in a care home deserves attentive care. Those looking for a suitable care home for their family member will want peace of mind that their loved one is in the right hands. When visiting local care homes, take a good look around. Can you notice a lot of staff on hand to help the residents? Do you see anyone struggling? If you feel like there is a lack of care, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere. You should also ask some questions in relation to care. Ask the nurses how they will look after your loved one and what they will do to ensure they are safe and happy. If you get an answer you don’t like, you can steer clear of that particular care home. 

Happy Residents

Happy residents are ultimately one of the most important qualities. If you look around a care home and notice that everyone is in high spirits, this is a good sign that the home is being run professionally. Moving to a care home can be challenging for some residents. So, moving to a care home where they feel empowered, happy, and safe – is ultimately the end goal. As you walk around, converse with some residents and ask them about their thoughts on the care home. If the general overview is positive, you can seek peace of mind that your loved one is moving to the right place. 

Solid Communication

Every good care home should pride itself on excellent communication. Residents’ families should be informed of any issues regarding their loved ones. They certainly deserve to be kept in the loop. Residents should also be able to contact their family members if they are distressed. Solid communication gives you peace of mind that your family member is in the right place. You don’t have to worry about missing out on any vital information. When looking for a care home, don’t forget to ask questions regarding communication. For example, will I be able to contact my loved one if I need to? Will I be informed if a medical emergency arises? 

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High-Quality Nursing Equipment

There are certain pieces of medical equipment that all care homes should have on hand. When looking for a care home, don’t hesitate to ask the nurses what equipment they have. First aid items, safety supplies, and assessment tools are just some of the things you should be looking out for. Care homes that do not have the right nursing equipment – should resolve this issue as soon as possible if they want to welcome residents in the future. NHC Group is an established care home provider. They have an extensive catalogue of nursing equipment – to ensure that care homes around the UK are equipped with all the essential items they need to look after their residents. 

Cleanliness And Safety

Cleanliness and safety are high up on the list of excellent qualities when it comes to care homes. Every resident deserves to live in a clean space. They also deserve to feel safe. First impressions count when looking for a care home. Pay close attention to the cleanliness. Are the residents well dressed and happy? Are the rooms clean and tidy? Another essential quality is safety. Some warning signs you want to look out for are obstructions in hallways and faulty equipment. If you view a care home and are unhappy with the cleanliness, don’t hesitate to bring it to the nurse’s attention. Although you will avoid this care home in the future, it is constructive criticism that can help them avoid losing residents in the future. 

Healthy, Appealing Food

One essential quality of an excellent care home is healthy, appealing food. Again, people need to remember that a care home is a place where residents can live for a long time. They will require healthy, appealing food that they are happy to eat. There is nothing worse than choosing a care home with poor food options. After all, residents require care, and eating a balanced diet is essential for their health. Take a look at examples of healthy meals online to gauge an idea of the kind of meals that residents deserve. When looking at care homes in your local area, don’t hesitate to ask what the food is like. You want to gain peace of mind that your loved one will be looked after and well fed. 

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Visitors Welcome

Every resident deserves the right to see their loved ones. An excellent care home would allow this, and they will let visitors drop in at a time that suits them. Strict visiting hours could be a red flag. It may spark doubts in your mind that the nurses are trying to cover something up. If there are visiting hours, this doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the care home straight away. Instead, ask if they will let you drop in at a time that suits you. Some care homes may allow this if the visiting hours do not coincide with your busy schedule. If you are not confident that visitors are welcomed in a care home, this could signify that you need to look elsewhere. 

Variety Of Activities

A variety of activities is a good quality for care homes to have. The residents of a care home will not want to sit around all day. In fact, this will deter many future residents away, and rightly so. A good care home will offer a range of social and physical activities to keep spirits up. Social interaction outside the care home is also a quality to look out for. Social interaction is empowering for residents, and it can uplift their moods. There should also be a range of activities inside the care home like baking or games. This breaks the day up for residents and their loved ones do not have to worry about them getting bored. Take a look at a list of care home activities online to give you an idea of what to look out for.