9 Health Symptoms After a Slip and Fall Accident

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Slipping and falling is a serious health incident. You may not realize it at the time, but there are long-term consequences. Within a matter of days, a person who has experienced a slip and fall may be dealing with unexplained symptoms. These conditions need to be checked by a doctor. 

Although slips and falls are some of the most common accidents that affect people, they often aren’t taken very seriously. If you start experiencing symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. You may also want to contact an injury lawyer like Franklin Law Firm, since you might be eligible for compensation with the medical bills.

Here are nine health symptoms commonly experienced after a slip and fall accident:

1. Headaches

A headache may be a sign that you’ve hit your head or that there may be some whiplash. Injuries aren’t always obvious, such as a broken bone or open wound, with a slip and fall. A headache can develop hours later or even the next day. Any signs of an apparent serious injury require medical attention.

2. Swelling

Swelling is an indication that there’s inflammation. When you see swelling, it’s a sign there’s an injury. Have it examined. It could be soft tissue damage or a sprain. You want to know what’s wrong, what you need to do for recovery, and how to proceed in terms of minimizing any discomfort that you may be experiencing now or could be going through later.

3. Ringing in the Ears

A ringing in the ears is one of the signs of a concussion. You may not even realize that you have a concussion until days or weeks later. In fact, some people can go through a concussion, experiencing few symptoms.

4. Pain That Lingers

A lingering pain, which is not necessarily severe, is a sign that there may be something wrong. Pain and discomfort are to be taken seriously. Thousands of slips and falls occur every year. Most aren’t serious; however, some are. This is why a doctor visit should be scheduled at the earliest possible time.

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5. Bruising

It’s not unusual to see bruising after a slip and fall. Bruising isn’t necessarily a sign that there’s something serious going on but should still be investigated. If it’s accompanied by swelling and pain, there is something far more wrong than what appears. Common areas to see bruises after a slip and fall are on the arms, legs, heads, and hips.

6. Loss of Balance

Almost half of all people who go through a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, will experience a loss of balance and dizziness. If you see any issue with keeping your balance or if you have visibility issues, a slip and fall could have done more to your health than initially thought. It’s indicative there’s been trauma to the head or neck.

7. Localized Pain

When there’s a slip and fall, most people intuitively go to their back and they tighten up for the impact. A slip and fall isn’t something we are prepared for, and where we hit leads to localized pain that could present days later. Pain, in this form, can be a sign of a head or neck injury, shoulder injury, back and spinal cord injury, hip fracture, knee injury, a sprain or fracture, broken bones, internal bleeding, internal lacerations, or soft tissue damage.

8. Shoulder and Knee Issues

The shoulders and knees are subject to sprains, strains, and different injuries affecting the ligaments and tendons in this part of the body in a slip and fall. There is a lot around these parts used to stabilize the joints and muscles. As a person tries to break their fall, they may permanently damage this part of the body. If you have any mobility trouble or pain in this area, have it examined.

9. Stomach Pain

If you have stomach pain after a slip and fall, consider it a sign of a serious injury. It could be internal bleeding, organ or blood vessel damage, an organ rupture, or some other form of internal aggravation. If left untreated, it could mean long-term damage or worse. Be looked at immediately if you have stomach pain following a slip and fall. It is one of the more serious symptoms to watch for.