8 Reasons Why You Might Choose to Get Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has become increasingly popular as it provides people with the freedom to take care of their loved ones and participate in all the activities they enjoy.

It can even help in pursuing a career you are passionate about.

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses can be life-altering. 

Although undergoing a surgical treatment is not an easy decision to make, and people often weigh it for a long time, once they decide to go for it and get a clear, sharp vision, they wish they had made up their mind about it sooner.

If you are considering a laser vision correction, it may be useful to know why people choose to get it, including the benefits of such an option! 

It’s More Convenient

With improved eyesight, you won’t have to rely on glasses and contacts any longer. 

In other words, no more eye irritations, looking for a lost or dislodged lens, or taking care of your contacts before going to sleep.

And you can finally stop worrying about forgetting your lenses or cleaning agents.

These are all little things, but they keep adding up during the day and need to be taken care of, thus making the list of responsibilities and chores you already have longer.

And if you lead an active lifestyle, laser eye surgery will make it easier for you to participate in all your favorite activities throughout the day effortlessly.

It’s More Cost-Effective

Financially, getting laser eye surgery is a wise investment. 

Without the ongoing expenses of replacing frames, contact lenses, and other accessories, you’ll save a significant amount of money in the long run. In addition to this, some surgeons offer special patient financing programs.

And if the procedure is medically necessary, a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can be used to cover the expenses.

Contact Lens Issues

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Becoming contact lens intolerant over time is quite common, and so are minor complications. 

Even if you didn’t have any issues initially, in time, you might experience pain, discomfort, burning, eye irritation, and stinging while wearing them. 

Up to 47% of users develop conjunctivitis, while 50% reports dry eyes. 

Of course, misusing contacts increases the risk of complications, but even with proper care, problems can arise.

Laser vision correction is a great option when lenses become problematic.   

Improved Vision Is Almost Instant

Typically, laser eye treatment doesn’t involve a long recovery. 

Only a day after the intervention, many patients show a significant improvement in their vision. And even better – over the next few days, the results tend to improve more.

As days go by, people who had laser vision correction experience better visual clarity. When it comes to other eye surgical procedures, it may take weeks for the treatment to take effect and for the patient to experience optimal results.

In addition to these benefits, serious adverse effects are extremely rare.

Recovery Period Is Fast and Painless

Laser eye surgery is short and minimally invasive. Postoperative eye care instructions are minimal too, and patients can quickly get back to their normal life routines without any difficulties. When it comes to LASIK treatment, most patients return to work within 48 hours of surgery.

After undergoing laser vision correction, very mild irritation or discomfort for the first few hours is the closest thing to pain that you may experience. 

You can speed up and ease the recovery period by exploring the health benefits of herbs and other natural products, known for their positive effects on our well-being. 

Pursuing a Specific Profession

Occupations like cooking and professional sports are difficult to perform with your glasses on. 

Even if you opt for contact lenses, they may hinder your performance due to issues like eye irritation, dislodging the lens, or conjunctivitis. 

It’s not the most appropriate solution when looking to build a successful career as an athlete or a chef. Therefore, people pursuing a career in such fields often opt for laser eye surgery as it allows for more freedom. 

Taking Part in Sports Activities and Recreation

People passionate about physical activity and sports know that mixing them with glasses and contact lenses isn’t a wise idea. 

Wearing glasses can be a burden if you lead an active lifestyle.

And contact lenses may not be the best solution either, due to the already mentioned risks of irritation and becoming dislodged in the eye.

Those who enjoy sports and devote their time to staying in shape often turn to laser eye treatment as it enables them to keep up with their active lifestyle.

Parental Responsibilities 

Tending to a baby or a small child can be difficult when your vision is impaired. 

Nighttime can be particularly difficult, as you may need to wake up, insert your contact lenses, or struggle to find your glasses while your baby cries. 

And when kids are older, every parent knows how important it is to keep an eye on them in the park, beach, or a grocery store, as accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Watching out for your little ones can be challenging if your vision is less than perfect. 

For that reason, many parents decide to have their vision improved by undergoing laser treatment. 

In conclusion, a 2016 analysis showed higher satisfaction with laser eye surgery in comparison to wearing contact lenses. 

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