7 Ways To Sober Up After Getting too High

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Every seasoned cannabis smoker knows that there is a thin line between enjoying its effects and getting too high. While all the smokers have been there at one time or another, it is not a pleasant experience. It might be due to a delayed effect of the edibles or maybe you tried a new strain or even took a deep drag. There are plenty of ways to get too high, and all of them can make you uncomfortable.  

Are you looking for easy ways to sober up after an intense cannabis session? If yes, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Read on to find out the tried and tested ways to get sober.

Discover these Ways to Counter the High and Get Sober

A majority of people tend to stick with a particular strain of cannabis to ensure there are no surprises.

In case you or someone else gets  too high, here are some tricks to help come down from the high quickly:

1.       Nap it Off

Ideally, the easiest way to get sober from being too high is sleep. If you are at your own house or a friend’s place, find a comfortable spot and doze off. Using cannabis can already make you feel drowsy, which you can use to your advantage. Sleeping for almost 30 minutes will help you get sober, and you will be able to rejoin the party. If you are unable to sleep because your brain won’t stop working, just lie down until the high wears off.

2.       Stay Hydrated

If you have to remember one golden rule when using cannabis, it is to stay hydrated. Whether you are getting cotton mouth as a side effect or you feel too high, drinking plenty of water can be the best thing for you. Staying hydrated will keep you calm, which can help reduce the effects. Indulging in the simple task of sipping and swallowing water will distract you, and you will be sober in no time. Water can also get the cannabinoids out of your body and help you get back to normal. The potency of the plant you use also has a big impact on your smoking experience. High Supplies has the best autoflowering seeds reviews, check out the range of marijuana seeds there.

3.       Consume Black Peppercorn

Black peppercorn is an important ingredient that you use to spice up your food, but it can also help you when you are high. Are you wondering how it’s possible? Let’s find out.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid present in cannabis that induces a mind-altering high. Black peppercorns contain a terpene called beta-caryophyllene. When you get too high, ingesting this spice can help reduce its effects. The beta-caryophyllene can interact with THC to calm your mind and tame the psychoactive effect of this cannabinoid easily. You can either consume the black peppercorns directly, ground it, or take it with your food.

4.       Distract Yourself

Getting too high can make you feel uncomfortable and negative, but you can certainly try to distract yourself. You can find interesting and easy activities that make you feel positive and warm. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas:

  • Take a short walk
  • Listen to music
  • Watch your favorite show or movie
  • Talk to a friend
  • Play video games
  • Try something soothing like coloring

5.       Take a Long Cold Shower:

If you want to give yourself an immediate jolt to shake away the high, indulge in a good shower. Taking a cold shower will take you away from the high environment, mentally hydrate yourself, and feel rejuvenated. If you are out and taking a shower doesn’t seem like a viable option, just splashing cold water on the face and neck might do the trick. It will slow your heart rate, ease your mind, and help you feel better. 

6.       Eat Something Delicious

A majority of cannabis users tend to have an increased appetite and enjoy food much more. Why not use this to your benefit? Whenever you feel anxious or paranoid after getting too high, you can enjoy a delicious meal to make you feel better. While you might try making your own meal, it is best to order food from your favorite restaurant. It can be the best way to distract yourself. You can also select a flavorful strain to avoid bad taste.

7.       Drink Lemonade

Limonene is a terpene found in plenty of plants, like cannabis and lemons. It is responsible for adding a citrusy aroma and taste to your cannabis. This terpene can work with the other cannabinoids to reduce anxiety and help you relax. If you ever feel you are too high, drinking a lemonade might be a wise decision. The limonene present in the lemon juice may combat the anxious feelings.