7 Tips for Making Braces More Affordable

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Many of us aren’t blessed with naturally straight teeth. The common cause of this is our genetics. Although we don’t have any control over this, you can control your oral health. If you aren’t happy with your teeth, there is the option to get them straightened. Wearing braces is one of the best routes for achieving a straighter, healthier smile. However, it’s going to come at a price.

Traditionally, braces can cost into the thousands. Depending on the type of brace you choose, you’re still going to have to pay a small fortune. Understandably, most of us don’t have a wad of cash sitting in the bank. If you resonate with this, here are some tips on how you can make braces more affordable.

Pick the Right Dental Insurance

Depending on your employer, you may have dental benefits you can take advantage of, especially if you’re thinking of getting braces. Many employers provide dental insurance plans so check the plans to check out their offerings. If there is the option for orthodontic coverage, it’s wise to sign up for it. Unlike most dental procedures, you’ll find orthodontic coverage has a set lifetime maximum. This will be in place as long as you carry that insurance. Just ensure the plan includes coverage for adult orthodontic coverage. 

Compare Prices from Different Providers

As you would expect, the amount you pay for braces treatment will vary significantly. This all comes down to the orthodontist you use, as well as what type of brace you get. It’s your job to spend time researching and comparing prices from different providers. Never go for the first provider you find as there could be something cheaper if you take a bit more time to research. Ultimately, you’ll want to find braces treatment that offers the best value for your money. 

Use a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HAS) are tax-advantaged accounts. These can be used to pay for medical expenses like braces. If you have either of these accounts, why not look into using them to pay for braces? Using these accounts could be hugely beneficial in affording your braces and getting the right treatment. Just make sure to check whether either of these accounts can foot the bill for your braces treatment before committing. 

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Consider a Payment Plan

As we’ve briefly touched on, there aren’t many of us who have thousands upon thousands of dollars in the bank that they can splurge on braces treatment in one go. What you will find is many orthodontists offer payment plans. This enables you to pay for treatment over a period of time. This is a far more manageable way to afford braces, as you’re able to spread the cost out over several months or years. Just be warned that there will be interest applied to this. 

Ask About Discounts

For those who can afford to pay for their brace’s treatment in full, you may still be alarmed at the overall cost (and rightly so!). If you ask your orthodontist, they may give you a special discount for paying the total sum off straight away. Check whether they’ve got any discounts available as this could help in making your braces treatment more affordable. Even if you only score $100 off the total bill, at least it’s something! 

Choose A More Affordable Type of Brace

There are all kinds of braces you can opt for to get straighter teeth. Understandably, some are going to cost more than others. When comparing your options, one question on your mind is going to be why do braces cost so much? ALIGNERCO covers this topic in great detail. They offer clear aligners which can work out significantly cheaper and you may not have to wear them as long as traditional metal braces. Speak to your orthodontist about the most affordable types of braces so you can find one that’s just as effective for your needs and gives you the results you’re seeking. 

Consider a Dental School

There are dental schools across the United States who provide orthodontic treatment at a reduced cost. Although you will be under the supervision of students, they are always overseen by highly experienced orthodontists. What’s more, treatment time may take longer when compared to a private practice. However, it’s highly likely you will pay far less for treatment. If you’ve got the patience and want to help out the future generation of orthodontists, considering a dental school may be the perfect step to take. 

While you may dream of achieving the perfect smile, the price tag attached can send shivers down your spine! The good news is there are plenty of routes to go down that could help spread out the cost of braces.