7 Reasons You Need Health Insurance Today

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With the steady increase in healthcare costs and ever-rising new infections and acute diseases, planning for health-related emergencies has become necessary. In such a scenario, health insurances are a lifesaver as they provide the much-sought financial support when facing unexpected medical conditions. A carefully chosen health insurance can reimburse you for the costs incurred due to injuries and illness and your hospital stay. 

Moreover, you can customize the insurance plans according to your family members, health conditions, age, and premium amount. Here, we discuss seven reasons you must secure your family’s future with health insurance. 

Changing Lifestyle

We live in an age where everything goes on at a fast pace. This overwhelming sense of rush has infiltrated our lives, affecting our work-life balance. Long commutes to work, hectic work schedules, untimely eating, sleep disorders, environmental pollution, and mental and physical strain have increased our chances of falling ill or developing critical health issues. 

Although you should try to mend your lifestyle and take care of your health, it is always better to be ready for crises. Thankfully, you can now purchase online insurance from the comfort of your home after comparing the plans of different insurance providers.

Rising Medical Costs

Due to rising medical equipment and chemicals prices and a boost in demand, the expenses related to treatments and diagnosis have shot up drastically. Moreover, government policies on healthcare, increased taxes, and scarcity of drug materials have only worsened the situation. In such a situation, a medical emergency will financially set you back hugely, creating a hole in your savings. So, covering your family with a comprehensive health insurance plan is wise. 

Safeguarding Your Family

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For persons having a family, staying healthy alone is not enough. Although you can take individual health insurance plans, there is plenty of lucrative family health insurance offers to take care of the medical expenses of all your family members. There are several additional benefits of taking a family insurance plan. Firstly, you can cover all your family members and members of your extended family, eliminating the need to apply for and manage different plans. Secondly, the per head premium significantly reduces when you opt for family health insurance. Thirdly, every covered individual gets the benefit of a high coverage amount. Finally, family floater plans give you the convenience of introducing new members (like a newborn child) to the existing plan. 

Health Insurance Covers Both Pre And Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Many believe that health insurance can only be utilized if you undergo surgery or therapy. However, the truth is that besides taking care of mainstream medical expenses, health insurance also reimburses you for diagnostic tests, outpatient department expenses, prescription drug purchases, hospital occupation charges, and even pre-hospitalization care. You can check your policy’s terms and conditions to learn what all the plan covers before you purchase the insurance plan.  

You Can Avail Benefits Of Early Health Insurance Adoption

Health insurance comes with several benefits for people of all ages. But it becomes more cost-efficient if you take an insurance policy early in life. You can avail your favorite health insurance plans at much lower rates if you buy them at a young age. Insurance companies give such discounts due to your fitter health condition and lesser chances of serious health complications. Moreover, the obligatory waiting period in health insurance plans won’t affect you much, as you are still in a young and healthy state while opting for the plan.

You Can Enjoy Tax Benefits

A health insurance plan saves on your medical expenses, protects your savings, and gives you certain income tax exemptions. Depending on your jurisdiction, you can save on the taxes you pay if you purchase health insurance. There are additional exemptions for the health insurance premium you pay for elderly members of your family. Remember that such tax deductions have an upper limit, no matter how expensive your insurance plan is. 

Health Insurance Gives You Additional Health Benefits


Along with the standard benefits, a comprehensive health insurance plan provides you benefits like health checkups, daycare surgeries, ambulance coverage, vaccination expenses, home care expenses coverage, etc. Some renowned insurance companies arrange yearly medical checkups for the insured, further safeguarding your health. 

Things To Consider While Purchasing Health Insurance Plan: 

  • Consider adding a critical illness policy to your plan while opting for health insurance. It assures you a fixed sum if you are diagnosed with a severe illness. 
  • Ensure that your local hospitals and care centers are on the list of your insurance policy’s network hospitals. 
  • Select a policy that allows cashless hospitalization benefits. 
  • If you are a woman or have a family member who may become pregnant in the future, ensure that the policy has maternity benefits.
  • Choose an adequate sum insured amount that will be enough for all the insured members. 
  • Go for an insurance company with an excellent claim settlement ratio.

The Bottom Line

In today’s fast-paced world, a health insurance policy is crucial for your and your family’s well-being. Keeping yourself covered with insurance allows you to complete your financial goals despite abrupt health emergencies. The tips above will help you get the perfect health coverage for you and your loved ones.