7 Nursery Storage Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Baby’s Space

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If you’ve just welcomed a new little one into your home, chances are you’re in need of some clever nursery storage ideas.

Babies come with lots of stuff – from clothes, toys, and nappies to stuffed animals, books, and blankets. It can often feel like there’s not enough room in the nursery for everything!

Especially for those parents who started off with a small nursery, all the baby gear can quickly take up precious space. Fortunately, there are some clever nursery storage solutions that can help you make the most of your limited space.

Whether you’re in the planning stage of your nursery or looking to make the most out of your current nursery, we’ve put together eight clever nursery storage ideas that you should definitely consider incorporating into your little one’s room.

1. Use Under-the-Crib Storage Containers

Rule 101 of nursery storage: make use of every possible space you can! Under the crib is a great place to put some storage containers so you can make use of all that space.

You’ll have to take into consideration the height of your baby’s cot or crib and make sure the nursery storage boxes you buy are the perfect size for slotting in underneath.

You can pack these storage containers with a variety of items, like clothes, toys, blankets, and anything else you need easy access to without taking up too much space.

2. Hang Wall Baskets

Every parent knows that babies love to grab at just about anything they can get their tiny hands on. Not only will wall baskets keep the floor space clear of clutter, but they’re also a great way to teach little ones about tidying up.

You can find wall baskets of all different shapes, sizes, colours and materials to match perfectly with your nursery’s decor.

In these hanging wall baskets, you can place anything you want to take up off the floor, such as toys, books and blankets. It will help to keep your baby’s favourite items organised and easily accessible.

3. Invest in a Changing Table with Drawers

Any baby furniture that can double as a two-in-one piece is ideal (and offers great value for money!).

Investing in a cost-effective change table with drawers in Australia can be a great solution to nursery storage.

You can store items like nappies, wipes, and other essential baby items at the top of the dresser while using the drawers below for clothes and other essentials. It’s also easy to place your changing pad on top as well!

Snuz offers a fantastic range of nursery furniture that will help you to maximise your nursery storage space, as well as changing units that double as dressers! The Scandi-inspired, modern designs from the collection are a good option for a neutral nursery!

4. Utilize Over-the-Door Hooks

Don’t neglect the door space! Use the back of the nursery door for storage with over-the-door hooks.

These inexpensive, space-saving solutions are perfect for hanging items such as onesies, bibs and hooded towels. You can even hang a pocket organiser or two on the back of the door to keep other baby essentials (think swaddles, muslins and more).

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5. Add Shelving Units

Adding shelving units will give you plenty of extra space for books, toys, and other items that don’t necessarily need to be put away but still need somewhere out of reach from curious little ones!

Plus, they can look really nice, too, when styled correctly with baskets or boxes on them as well! You can place a few shelves high up on the walls if you’re short on floor space, or choose shelving units with wheels so they can be moved around as needed.

If you’re short of floor space, we think floating shelves are a great option for a nursery. They look really modern, plus they’re perfect for displaying photos and keepsakes of your little one!

6. Choose a Wardrobe with Adjustable Shelves

When it comes to clothing and shoes, a wardrobe with adjustable shelves can be a great way to make the most out of your nursery storage space.

You can arrange different compartments inside for clothes, linens and other items, so you know exactly where everything is. This will save you plenty of time when getting ready for bedtime!

7. Try a Toy Chest

Toy chests are perfect for storing larger items, such as stuffed animals that won’t fit into smaller storage containers but still need somewhere safe where they won’t get damaged or lost easily! 

Plus, it looks really cute in any nursery too!

Even if your baby doesn’t have a lot of toys, you can store other things inside, like blankets or sheets.

There are tons of toy chests to choose from, so you can find the right one to fit your nursery’s aesthetic! You could even personalise it with your child’s name or a fun decal.

Make the Most Out of Your Limited Space with These Simple Storage Solutions!

By following these simple storage solutions, you can make the most out of your limited nursery space and keep it looking neat and organised.

From utilising wall baskets to investing in a changing table with drawers, there are plenty of ways to store baby essentials without sacrificing style or taking up too much room.

With some clever planning and creative styling, you’ll be able to keep your nursery storage in check and provide a safe, comfortable environment for your little one!