7 Gifts That Are a Bit Different

When it comes to buying someone a gift, you might find yourself going for the most obvious option and getting them the same sort of thing every other year. While the gesture is more important than the gift itself, it’s still nice to feel like there has been some thought put into it, and the person giving you the gift knows you well enough to get you something extra special. If a birthday or another special occasion is coming up and you want to get someone a gift that is a bit outside the box this time, below are seven gift ideas to choose from that are all a little bit different from the usual bubble bath gift set, a bottle of wine, or flowers.

Experience Day

Experience days make excellent gifts, particularly if you’re buying for somebody who already has everything they need and want at home, or haven’t given you any hints about what they would like. It’s a great opportunity to make some cherished memories and try things that perhaps they wouldn’t usually do. There are so many options to choose from as well, so finding something that they would enjoy doing should be easy. If they are adrenaline junkies, you can get deals on skydiving, rock-climbing, or other fun outdoorsy activities. If they prefer a more relaxing approach to life, why not get them an experience day at a spa? Or going to a wine tasting at a vineyard? Whatever they’re into, there will be an experience day that they will love.

Make-Your-Own Kits

Another gift that is a bit more outside the box and can be a lot of fun is a make-your-own kit. Again, there are plenty of things to choose from such as food-based kits, which you can use to make marinades and sauces from scratch following the instructions. If the person you’re getting a gift for loves arts and crafts, you will certainly be able to find something for them whether that’s ceramics, cross-stitch, knitting, painting, woodwork, etc. If they love beauty products, you can even get kits where they can make natural soaps, shampoos, and other skincare products as well. These make fun gifts because it’s a way for them to indulge in their hobby, develop new skills, and it will keep them entertained (especially on rainy days).

Makeup Kits

Speaking of beauty products,  if they have a passion for keeping up with the latest beauty trends, then getting them something that can help them with this could be a good idea. You could purchase a full, quality set of make-up brushes if this is what they like to experiment with. Alternatively, if they are more interested in hair styling, you could get them a gorgeous hair care kit that includes products from all of their favourite brands. Perhaps even adding a book or two on the history of beauty trends and fashion could be a nice addition to these as well?

Theater Tickets

 Whether it’s a classic musical you go to see, a thought-provoking new play, or even a light-hearted comedy, going to the theatre is a lovely treat that is ideal for special occasions. After the performance, go out for a delicious meal at one of your favourite restaurants, where you can talk about what you have seen and let the conversation flow as you enjoy great food and a glass of wine. You could even go for cocktails somewhere else after dinner if you didn’t want the night to end! It’ll be a lovely experience for you both and will be something a bit different from what they usually get for their birthday, anniversary, or whatever the occasion is.

Vape Kits

vaping girl

Vaping has become a popular trend over the last decade, with many different flavours and styles of vaporizers to choose from. If the person you’re buying a gift for is a vaper, then a collection of e-liquids from their favourite Vape Juice brand could be a welcome gift. Not only is it something that they will enjoy using, but it serves a practical purpose for them as well, as you will be stocking up their stash for them. You could also get them a travel case for their vaporizer, e-liquids, and spare batteries, if they don’t have one or their current one is looking a little worn out. 

Special Edition Books

Book gifts are an obvious choice for avid readers, but they are still lovely presents to give to anyone. While you might usually buy them a couple of titles that they have expressed their interest in, why not get them a special edition of their favourite book instead? It could be a beautifully crafted hardback with a unique design on the cover of an illustrated version of what was originally a book without them. If you want it to be truly special, finding a signed copy or a first edition would be even better. It will be something that they will cherish forever and likely become one of their most prized possessions.


Artwork can do a lot to brighten up a living space in terms of décor, but it can also resonate emotionally with the person looking at it.  And for the creatively minded, it can even be a source of inspiration. Purchasing a special piece of artwork for someone who has a passion for the subject will always be a good idea, but it can also be given to those who don’t as everyone can appreciate it. 

Whether it’s a gorgeous photograph that has perfectly captured a specific moment, a detailed drawing of a plant or landscape, or even a comical picture that includes a quotation that resonates with the person you’re giving the gift to, a lovely print that they can frame and hang up on their wall will always be a great, slightly different gift.

If there is a special occasion coming up that requires you to buy someone a gift, consider the suggestions above if you want to get them something a bit different this time around.