6 Vaping Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Credits: californiahoneyvapes

Vaping is a modern alternative to pipes and bowls. It’s pleasantly aromatic, relaxing, and much cooler than puffing on traditional tobacco cigarettes. And because vaping is becoming increasingly popular, you may be curious about it or wish to replace your tobacco addiction with a less harmful alternative. 

However, crossing over to the vaping world can be a daunting experience. Hence, understanding the best vaping practices can ensure a positive experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to start your vaping journey.

Find The Right Device

When you dip your toes into vaping, you’ll face numerous devices that may confuse you. However, your needs will determine which vape devices are ideal for you. Whether you want to quit smoking or try vaping as a hobby, there’s a specific device that can suit your needs. 

For instance, if you wish to try nic salt juices, you can try pod systems like UWELL Caliburn vape. These devices give you the familiar feeling of a cigarette, perfect for those just switching. You may opt for a vape starter kit or box mods to create thicker clouds. 

Generally, it’s highly recommended to choose simple and easy-to-use vape devices like disposable vape pens and e-cigarettes when you’re just starting. 

Buy Premium E-Liquids

Cheap vape juice may seem appealing, especially if it’s your first purchase. However, it’s worth putting extra money into high-quality vape juice. Low-quality vape juice often contains impurities that may harm your health and your device. In addition, cheap vape juices may not satisfy your craving or don’t provide the exact flavor you want. 

Always stick to reputable brands of e-liquid, especially if you’re looking for the best CBD vape oil. You want a brand that uses certified, medical-grade nicotine or food-grade ingredients. Significantly, you can check vendor reviews to gain insight into what people say about their products. You can also save by buying high-quality vape juice in bulk like Halo e-liquid wholesale.

Know Your Ideal Ratio

There are two main ingredients in vape juice: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The ratio between these two can determine flavor intensity and cloud thickness. You can decide which PG/VG ratio is best for you. 

Vape pens

Naturally, a high PG vape generates small clouds but creates deeper throat hits. A high VG, on the other hand, makes bigger vapor clouds. However, you can also opt for a 50/50 ratio for a balanced cloud thickness and flavor. 

Always Keep Your Device Clean

Unless you have a disposable vape device, keeping it well-maintained and clean is the most important thing to do when using a vape device. Hence, you want to regularly empty and clean your tank at least once a month. Doing so not only helps prolong the life of your device but also ensures that the vape juice tastes its best. 

You can simply disassemble your vape device, pour out any remaining vape juice and rinse the tank, atomizer, and mouthpiece under running water, Then, let the components air dry. In addition to cleaning the tank, it’s also essential to change the coils regularly, depending on how often you use the device. 

Buildups on coils can create burnt, nasty flavors, so make sure to change them every few weeks. After changing the coil, you can prime the wicks with vape juice to avoid dry hits. 

Get Multiple Tanks 

If you can’t decide between ‘sweet choco’ or ‘tangy orange,’ you can always have them both. If you have more than one vape juice flavor, it’s worth investing in an extra tank. This can help save time in rinsing and cleaning your tank and wicking it whenever you want to switch flavors. 

In addition, it also prevents you from experiencing flavor ghosting, which means detecting a previously used flavor while vaping a new one. With a dedicated tank for each flavor, your e-juice will taste better than ever.  

Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Perhaps you have a favorite vape juice that it’s the only thing you’ve known since you started vaping. Vaping a single flavor may cause you not to taste the flavor anymore—also known as the vaper’s tongue. 

However, there’s nothing to worry about since this often happens. Fortunately, you can easily avoid it. You simply need to try a new flavor for a little while, then go back to your favorite one. Also, you should consider drinking enough water to prevent this condition. 


The world of vaping may seem overwhelming and intimidating to those just starting out. However, by following a few helpful vaping tips and tricks like the ones above, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a vaping pro in no time.