6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Family Dentist

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Yes, you apply good oral health habits for the whole family at home. You brush your teeth, then you floss, too. Those good habits, however, don’t mean you shouldn’t see a dentist. There’s still no substitute for a thorough clean and check that a dentist can do. A dentist can see to it that your oral health is in top shape. This means you’re not at risk of any gum and mouth diseases.

Albeit a small part of your body, your oral health can affect all other aspects of your health as well. Regular checkups can prevent potential strokes, heart attacks, and other medical conditions. For the little ones in a family, it’s also about growing healthy, with teeth that are as good as their state of health.

With that said, below are six things to consider when choosing a family dentist:

1. They Care About Your Comfort

Comfort should be a top priority when choosing a dentist who practices family dentistry. For adults, going to your dentist may not be such a dramatic affair. For the kids, however, it could be more daunting than it’s exciting. Many children can be afraid of dentists because they look intimidating, with all the tools they use.

This is the reason why a good family dentist should be one who cares about your comfort. From the moment you walk in, you’ll immediately be able to sense if the dentist puts you at ease. The clinic’s atmosphere should be kid-friendly, too. There are dentists who go above and beyond doing this such as installing TV screens for movies and having toys.

2. They’re Affiliated With Your Health Insurance

If you have health insurance that covers your family, go through it first. If it covers dental services, it’s a good idea also to choose dentists which are affiliated. Paying for dental services can be quite expensive. The bigger your family is, the more costly it’s going to be. With children, there could be certain orthodontic procedures like teeth whitening options, which are recurring and expensive.

Having health insurance that covers your family’s dental needs is a major plus. Why pay for it when you’ve already been spending for the premiums?

3. They Possess Qualification And Experience

Naturally, you’ll want to give the best for your family. Don’t settle for one who doesn’t possess the necessary qualifications and experience to be admitted into the dental practice. This may sound straightforward, but the truth is there could be dentists operating a clinic that isn’t as qualified as others are.

So, be particular about this. Check to see the proper certificates and licenses to operate a dental clinic. If you can, look for a dentist who’s also qualified as a pediatric dentist. This means they know how to handle young children, particularly when they start to get anxious about the dental visit.

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4. They Have A Way With Details

Once you’ve made it to your first family session with that dentist, observe how much they pay attention to details. You can determine this by the quality of work they do with your teeth and what they tell you about it. Are they meticulous enough to handle the smallest details well enough? Do they notice every single problem with your teeth? Have they tackled whatever existing problem you have, or do they send you off with many unaddressed problems?

Remember, some dentists are simply there for the money, and you wouldn’t want your family’s oral health to be under that kind of dentist.

5. They Offer Top Quality Services

How can you say a dentist offers top-quality services? Check through their reviews and feedback section. Look for any red flags that should warn you about the poor-quality performance of that certain dentist.

Like any other health professional, you need to have assurance you’re getting what you’re paying for. There are as many good dentists as there are bad and mediocre ones. With an issue as pressing as your health, there shouldn’t be any compromise.

6. Their Office Hours Fits Your Schedule

What’s your schedule as a family like? If both spouses are working, then that means you can only take your kids to their dental appointments during the weekends. It’s for your convenience to choose a dentist which has office hours that fit your schedule. If not, it’ll be a lot harder for you to even comply with the necessary dental appointments.


Anyone who studies hard and finishes dental school can be a dentist. But for a dentist to be a good one, it takes more than just those academic credentials. Particularly when what you’re looking for is a family dentist, you want to be certain that the dentist knows how to handle your family’s overall health. They don’t just have extensive knowledge about dentistry, but the family dentist is equipped with a pleasing personality and interpersonal skills. Every dental visit will now be a more pleasing one, indeed.