6 Solutions an Outsourced Medical Billing Company Can Offer

Outsourced medical billing can help a practice by handling the administrative tasks associated with submitting claims to insurance companies and following up on unpaid or denied claims. This can allow the practice to focus on providing patient care while the billing service ensures that the practice is reimbursed for its services.

But today’s high-tech products allow companies like Quest National Services to do so much more. If you’ve been searching online for phrases such as “medical billing company near me”, then you are obviously curious about what these types of services can provide you. Here are 6 common but highly beneficial examples:

HIPAA Turn-Key Solutions

A medical billing company like Quest National Services can assist with HIPAA turn-key solutions by providing services such as ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations, implementing secure systems for handling protected health information (PHI), and providing ongoing training and support for staff. 

Additionally, they can assist with implementing and maintaining policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance and conducting regular audits to ensure that PHI is being handled properly. 

They Offer EMR Solutions   

An outsourced billing company can assist with EMR (electronic medical records) solutions by providing expertise in implementing and maintaining EMR systems that comply with relevant regulations and are tailored to a practice’s specific needs. 

One of the ways this is done is by selecting an EMR system best suited to the practice’s needs and configuring the system to meet the practice’s workflow and billing requirements.

They Can Handle Your Credentialing  

A third-party medical billing provider can assist with credentialing by handling the process of obtaining and maintaining the necessary credentials for you to participate in insurance networks and receive reimbursement for services rendered. 

This includes examples such as completing and submitting applications for network participation, maintaining updated credentials for providers, and tracking expiration dates for licenses and certifications. 

They Offer Coding Services  

A medical billing service provider can assist with coding services by providing expertise in accurately coding medical procedures and diagnoses according to current coding standards and regulations. 

This automates tasks like reviewing patient charts, assigning appropriate codes using coding systems, and many others. This feature is among the most searched for when looking up “medical billing company near me”.

They Can Help with Staffing 

An outsourced billing company can assist with staffing by providing a dedicated team of experienced medical billing professionals who can handle responsibilities such as claims submission, insurance follow-up, and patient billing. 

Outsourced medical billing companies provide flexible staffing options and can assist with recruiting, hiring, and training staff, saving a lot of time and money for the practice.

They Provide Collection Services  

An outsourced medical billing company can assist with collection services by providing expertise in maximizing the collection of patient and insurance payments for a medical practice. This means regular follow-up on outstanding claims, negotiating payment arrangements with patients and insurance companies, and other industry best practices for collection.

What You Will Find When Researching “Medical Billing Company Near Me”

You may find companies that offer a few of these or other services, but you will rarely find one that offers all of them, like Quest. In addition, you won’t be dealing with a company that has the same long and successful history of helping countless medical facilities and practitioners.