6 Health-Boosting and Therapeutic Flowers You Might Not Have Known

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Did you know that simply spending time around flowers and greenery can make a huge difference in your health? 

Well, multiple studies have proven that flowers can help ward off negative feelings like depression, and anxiety, while promoting feelings of happiness and compassion to the people close to you. In this article, we’ll take a look at six different types of flowers that could help boost your health or even promote healing.

Ways Flowers Can Boost One’s Health 

For millennia, plants and flowers have been used to promote relaxation, provide healing, offer comfort, and even improve sleep. While some do so by simply using their colorful petals and sweet-smelling aromas, others contain ingredients powerful enough to boost metabolism, fight inflammation, and even boost brainpower.

Most importantly, beautiful blooms have been used for ages as a thoughtful way to show compassion, appreciation, and love, thanks to their effectiveness in promoting happiness levels.

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6 Health-Boosting and Therapeutic Flowers You Need To Know 

1. Jasmine 

While most people know them for their star-shaped petals in yellow, white, pink, or red, jasmines are more than just a beautiful flower. The flowers produce an essential oil (jasmine oil) that when inhaled, can help combat stress, uplift mood, improve sleep and cure anxiety.

It’s also commonly used in food items like pastry, puddings, and dairy products to help better the digestive system. Also, inhaled jasmine oil can help regulate blood pressure and improve breathing.

2. Roses 

Besides their effectiveness in promoting happiness, love, and passion, roses are a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can be used in various ways to promote overall health. 

Rose oil can be applied topically to help relieve muscle pain, or it can be inhaled to improve mental health. Consumed in tea, rose petals can help boost circulation and even fight microbial infections.

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3. Orchids 

A common houseplant with vibrant flowers in various colors, orchids are known to be powerful flowers in promoting positive energy. Its sweet fragrance can go a long way in promoting positive emotions too!

4. Daisies 

Often in full bloom in spring or early fall, these conspicuous star-shaped white and yellow flowers are also among the most popular flowers whose therapeutic properties are lesser known. Science has it, that daisies can help boost appetite and correct certain digestive issues, from constipation to gastritis and diarrhea.

Historically, they’ve also been used to curb period pain and ward off certain UTIs in women. Tinctures and pastes extracted from daisies have also been used in treating sore throats, wounds, and skin ailments like eczema and dermatitis.

5. Lavender 

Famed for its aromatic essential oil, lavender oil, the lavender flower is excellent at promoting sleep and relaxation. 

Lavender oil is also used in a plethora of cosmetic products, thanks to its great wealth of antimicrobial properties and calming effect of the oil on the skin. The aromas from this flower have also been proven to help reduce stress.

6. Calendula

Finally, we have the yellow or bright orange flowers, which some like to call the pot marigold. The extracts of calendula flowers have also been used to treat wounds, cuts, and burns on the skin when combined with other substances.

As you can see, the benefits of flowers go beyond just their captivating beauty and sweet fragrances. Many of them possess healing and health-boosting properties that you might not have heard of. From the list above, you’re sure to find a flower that can benefit your health and wellness in one way or another.