6 Email Writing Tips for Healthcare Worker to Reach a Potential Employer

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Making first impressions in any career it is a difficult task. You have to make sure that your CV writing skills are excellent and that you are able to demonstrate your experience in a captivating way. When it comes to the field of health and medicine it is even more difficult. It is created when you email your potential employer for the first time. You have to draft your email in a way that shows your eligibility, dedication, and passion to work in the industry.

While these things may seem daunting, they are not as difficult as they appear. If you follow a few simple steps you can easily write out a well-written email to your employer for being selected for a healthcare position.

The Subject Line

The subject line is very important when writing out an email to a potential employer. You have to understand that thousands of people have sent emails to the same person. Many people try to be original and start with creative subject lines. However, they do not have as much impact as something simple and straightforward. 

When going through emails for shortlisting candidates your employer must easily understand from the subject line that there is a job applicant. Write out your name and the designation you are applying for clearly in the subject line along with the name of the company.

Write What Value You Offer to the Organization

When you write out an email to work for the healthcare industry you must keep in mind that the primary goal of your email is to get the attention of your employer. This can only be done if you are clear about what you have to offer to the organization and also how you are going to offer that. 

Do not start mentioning your qualities without understanding whether they are required in the organization. You have to let your employer know that you have the skills and education to be a part of their organization and meet their standards.

Show Enthusiasm for Working in the Organization

When you express your interest in working for an organization make sure that you show your excitement. You can do this by demonstrating how your values align with that of the company, how you can create a difference, and what new things you can bring to the organization that it is currently not offering. 

You may have been inspired to work in an organization by listening to a speech of one of the major personnel that works there, or you like certain qualities of the CEO of the organization. You may mention them in the first part of your email. It not only shows your enthusiasm but also gives an idea to the employer that you have well researched where you are applying.

Use Your Networking Skills

Networking is often one of the best things when looking for a job. If you are a healthcare worker, make contacts, learn, and make sure you know who is working where. When you write out an email to your potential employer, always mention contacts who already work there. 

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You can write about the recommendation that your contact made or mention how you’d love working in an organization like theirs after talking to them. Based on Glassdoor’s review your chances of getting accepted are a “statistically significant” 2.6% to 6.6% higher if you were referred by a current employee.

Do Not Repeat the Same Information As in Your Resume

Most people are too lazy to write out an email, so they prefer to just copy and paste the information into their resumes. This is not a smart move as it shows that you have not put in the effort required to work in a certain organization. Another potential employee who has a well-written email along with a resume with the same skills as yours may be preferred over you. 

If you are using redundant sentences and similar content as you have in your resume then you may not have very good chances of getting employed. You are already going to submit your resume and the employer will read it eventually, so there is no point in writing out your resume in the email.

Follow a Formal Format

A career essay has a certain format that you should be following. These formats make your essays and emails easy to read and understand by your employer. It also helps your employer realize that you have well researched the company before applying. 

Make sure you look up examples of formats before beginning to write out an email. Formatting also requires time and effort, so it gives the employer an idea of how dedicated you are to your career and how important the job position is for you.


A healthcare worker has a lot of opportunities to work only if they target the right opportunities and make meticulous moves. Your education and degree do hold high regard, but it eventually depends on how you communicate your skills and passions to your employer. 

Healthcare workers are making a great impact on society, so there is no doubt that each of them has potential and unique characteristics when it comes to serving people. However, you can only create value if you communicate with employers effectively and make a good first impression.