5 Ways You Can Help a Loved One With Depression

sad girl depressed

Have you ever faced depression in your life or with anyone in your family? Depression is a severe condition where people fail to overcome their life problems and their mental health becomes poor. The worst part is that not just the person but their family also suffers a great mental health battle with depression. 

Even if you and your family have not faced depression, if someone near you is struggling and you care about the person, you should support them. Your support is precious for your loved ones in their hard times. Your little compassion will make a huge change in their lives, which will also make you happy. Here we will list 5 ways in which you can help your loved ones with depression.

1. Active Listening:

People love to talk but fewer people in this whole world want to listen. And even if someone listens, it’s hard to find people who understand what you want to convey in your chats. Active listening is something that people with depression need. Usually, people are quieter in depression but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be understood. They need someone with a heart who can actively listen to their issues. You can encourage them to talk to you openly, and you won’t judge them when they express their feelings. The best thing you can do for them is to be there and listen to them.

2. Education about depression:

Well, I think it’s quite obvious that if you don’t know what depression is,? You can never help people who are suffering from them. Education is a must for your loved ones if you want to help them. Depression is a complex web; it’s not something you can deal with in a few days. You can simply search the internet or read some books about depression. Gain some knowledge related to its symptoms and how you can make improvements slowly.

3. Encourage professional help:

It is obvious that when the people we love are in trouble, we often want to help them in every way possible. But in various circumstances, you still need to understand your limitations. In some cases, the best possible decision is to consult a professional. A professional can help them in a much better way than we can. Sometimes it’s not just the battle with depression but also some other challenges like addiction. Depressed people, in many cases, begin to consume alcohol or drugs. For them, it’s an idea that will provide relief, as they are already frustrated.

You can’t help with those subjects that you aren’t truly aware of. And these cases will become more dangerous in the coming days. So it’s essential to encourage them to seek professional help, especially if addiction is involved. They can also stay at the Ohio Recovery Center for care and needed support.

4. Provide Practical Assistance:

For a normal human being, our daily lives or routines are very natural. But when it comes to people who are suffering from depression, it’s a big task to complete everyday chores. They feel like not doing anything all the time. So in these situations, they need practical assistance. You can help them with the little things they have to do. By doing this, they will understand that you are very supportive of them. Soon, they will begin to create a bond. They can also grow in life if you assist.

5. Stay Connected 

It’s demanding for depressed people to engage with society anymore. Staying away from social connections makes them isolated. So as empaths, it’s our responsibility to show them some love and stay connected with them. We can make them feel that we are always here for them if they need anything. There should be reassurance in their minds so that they can feel safe with you.


We can never watch someone we love suffer in any situation. Supporting our loved ones should be our priority in the case of depression. With patience and empathy, we can easily open their hearts for a better journey in life. You just have to show them your genuine care and they will ask for your help if needed. Do not forget that with love, depression can be defeated and with the support of professionals, recovery will be faster for sure.