5 Ways to Help Ease Your Hip Joint Pain

hip replacement x-ray

Since bones get weaker with age, they need extra care to keep your body healthy and active. The body’s largest ball and socket joint, the hip joint, can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear and repeated motion. Moreover, when you use the hip, like when going for a run, the cushion of cartilage present helps prevent friction as the bones move.

But just like every other bone, the hip joint is destructible even though it is quite durable. With age and use, the cartilage in your hip bone can wear down and become damaged due to many other reasons. 

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Here are some reasons why you might be experiencing discomfort and pain in your hip bone area.

  • Overused muscles and tendons in the hip may become inflamed, which leads to pain.
  • Bone fracture due to injury or trauma especially weakened bones.
  • Maybe because of arthritis that causes inflammation of the hip joint, which leads to reduced motion in the hip.
  • Cancers or tumors spread in the bones and can cause pain in the hip and other bones.

Now let’s look at ways you can relieve hip pain caused by various conditions.

Try to Lose Weight 

There is an increase in pressure carried by your hips and knees for every pound increase in your weight. Maintain your weight to the point where it does not put a strain on your joints. 

If you are overweight, losing some pounds can help make it easy for you to move around and reduce stress on the hip bone.

losing weight

Avoid Carrying Heavy Weight

Besides your body weight, the hip bones also absorb any weight that you carry in your hands or back. You may seem to be doing fine with moving heavy objects at your younger age, but it can slowly cause damage to your bones. 

You can use a handcraft for your groceries, and when traveling, remember to use language with wheels. 

Medical Treatment 

There are many medications available for hip pain and problems. Make sure to consult your doctor before and only take the medicines that you are prescribed. 

Numerous disorders like hip impingement, synovitis, loose bodies (in case of the loose process of cartilage or bones in the hip joint), and snapping hip can be treated with hip arthroscopy treatment in Melbourne. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to make necessary orthopedic repairs. 

Exercise to Support Hip Bone

Many types of exercises can help relieve hip joint pain. Some stretch exercises can work the parts of your body that support the joints, like your legs. 

But it can be risky to do exercises on your own when you have inflammation and pain in the hip bone. It is best to consult a physical therapist to get a specific workout routine that fits your medical condition. If you feel pain during any exercise, it is best to stop doing more stretches. 

Use Hot and Cold Packs

You can use ice packs or veggies that are stored in your fridge to help relieve pain in the hip area. Moreover, you can use warmth like a hot shower or compress to help loosen up your muscles.