5 Tips on How to Cope with Anxiety

anxious girl

Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience, but people with anxiety disorders can experience it much harder than the rest. Feelings like extreme anxiety, terror, panic, and fear can be present in daily situations. These feelings can negatively affect someone’s quality of life and can prevent them from doing common or important things. However, there are ways of dealing with them. If you are feeling very anxious these days or if you have anxiety disorders, check out some anxiety tips that will help you.

Before getting to the tips, let me explain to you what people with anxiety disorders may feel. Common symptoms are trembling, feeling helpless, sweating a lot, increased heart rate, feeling nervous, hyperventilation, obsessively thinking about what triggered the panic, a sense of inexorable doom, panic, or danger. They are hard to deal with and they can interfere with someone’s life permanently, so it is essential that if you feel any of this and if you think that anxiety is affecting your life, you should see a mental health professional.

The tips for coping with an anxiety disorder are:

Understand your anxiety

Try to understand where your anxiety comes from and what can be elevating it. Of course, it is hard to do that alone, so this is where a mental health professional enters. They can help you to understand why anxiety is affecting you like that, what is the cause of it, and what you can do to stop it.

Stick to your treatment

That being said, once you go to counselling, you most likely will have a treatment plan, so stick to it and do your best to make it work. Don’t push yourself too hard, though. Remember to take baby steps and set small objectives. You can’t conquer the world in one day, but you can do a little better than you were yesterday, right?

Sleep well

Sleeping is very important to almost everything in the human body, and so it is to deal with anxiety. Make sure to sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night. Talk to your Ottawa mental health professional if you can’t have proper sleep.


Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, and drinks with caffeine

Most drugs are enemies of people with anxiety since they can elevate your anxiety. They can and will make you feel more anxious, panicked, and even paranoid. Drinks with caffeine can make you feel more anxious too, as well as nicotine. Also, if you eat too many sugars in one day, your anxiety can get worse.


Exercising is essential to deal with many mental disorders, especially anxiety and depression. It is an incredible stress reducer and it can help to improve your mood. The best part of it is developing a health routine where you can exercise on certain days of the week. Remember to start slow if you don’t do any exercise right now.

We hope that the tips have helped you with something. Please, don’t take everything written here as a rule. What you need to do is to talk with a mental health professional and research about anxiety disorder.