5 Things Your Dentist Probably Won’t Tell You

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If you ask your dentist questions, they’ll give you detailed answers. You’ll be told about things everyone should know, but certain secrets won’t be spilled. Do you have any idea what they could be?

Let’s discuss what your dentist will probably never share with you unless you specifically ask them about it. You shouldn’t know everything that’s going on anyway, especially if you’re already scared of the dentist.

1. Your Tongue Piercing Is Bad

When I visited Newmarket dentists near me, I asked about my tongue piercing. The dentist says they don’t usually talk about fashionable jewelry because it’s none of their business, but warned me because I asked.

Tongue piercings are a breeding ground for bacteria and infections, which causes real damage to an unlucky few. If you want to walk around with a tongue piercing, you must keep it clean to avoid any problems.

2. Bleeding Gums And Diabetes

If you have bleeding gums, you may be suffering from diabetes. When you visit your dentist, you won’t always be told about it. It’s because diabetes is only one possibility out of many.

Dentists won’t want to scare you unless they’re sure there is a serious problem. Once they see bloody gums, you’ll be told to start being more careful when flossing. It rarely gets to the stage where they must warn you.

3. Mercury Is Terrible For You

Older people likely have a few mercury fillings, but they aren’t used so much today. That’s because the liquid metal is highly toxic once it enters your bloodstream, which happens when your fillings start to leak.

The dentist will only tell you there is a problem if they notice it’s damaged. It will need to be taken out before it causes health issues. If you have mercury fillings, you shouldn’t skip biannual dental appointments.

4. Bleaching Your Teeth Is Bad

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It’s tempting to get your teeth whitened because everyone loves pearly whites. Sadly, it comes with a pretty big negative. If you bleach your teeth, it could destroy the enamel, which will cause all sorts of problems.

The reason why dentists don’t mention it is that most patients wouldn’t care. Would you risk a little enamel being destroyed if you had yellow teeth? Even though it’s unlikely you’ll experience problems, it’s a risk.

5. Takes Longer Than 2 Minutes

If the dentist told you to spend 3-5 minutes brushing your teeth, you would refuse to do it. There aren’t many people prepared to spend ages in the bathroom, which drops to zero percent when they’re tired.

Two minutes isn’t long enough, even though that’s what most dentists recommend. It’s always brought up because it’s realistic for the average person. The way you brush is important too, so learn how to do it properly.

You Will Be Told If You Ask

Dentists will be happy to tell you things if you ask specific questions, but they won’t feel the need to tell you anything too negative unless there is no other choice.