5 Signs You May Require A Dental Implant

Orthognathic implant

Over the years, dental implants have emerged as one of the most viable treatment options for patients struggling with tooth woes. An implant is as good as a  natural tooth and offers long-term results. Most Americans think that leaving a gap untreated isn’t a big deal. But it can cause several oral health issues eventually. A dental implant can help you sideline these problems and have a healthy smile. But you may not realize when you need them, which is the reason most patients delay treatment and end up with more severe problems. Here are the signs that your dentist may recommend this option for you. 

Missing teeth

The last thing you will want to experience is the embarrassment caused by missing teeth. There are conventional options like dentures and bridges, but implants stay forever. They fill the gaps caused by missing teeth naturally and blend with your smile. The best part is that they look and feel great, so you never have to deal with low confidence and self-esteem levels again.

Cracked or broken teeth

Cracked and broken teeth are another reason for your dentist recommending implant treatment. The specialist will evaluate the injury and suggest this option if a restorative technique is the only way out. They have to do it if the tooth is damaged beyond repair. The only alternative is to extract it and replace it with an implant. The good thing is that it will offer the same look and function.

Poorly-fitted denture

If you have to struggle with your dentures, you are a candidate for implant treatment. Loose dentures can hamper daily activities, while tight fits lead to discomfort and irritation. Specialists for dental implants dallas suggest that patients should opt for implants to overcome these issues. Fortunately, you can find a reputed clinic in Dallas for providing the best treatment. It helps you get rid of dentures for good, and you can chew and speak comfortably without worrying about them irritating you or falling out in public.

Bone loss in the jaw area

Bone loss is a usual implication of aging. Losing bone in the jaw area is a concern because it can change your appearance and cause health issues in the long run. It is a sign to take up dental implant treatment sooner rather than later. Implants promote osseointegration, just like natural teeth. The process stimulates jawbone growth, lowering the chances of bone loss over time. You end up addressing the problem and preventing further deterioration as well. 

Difficulty in chewing and speaking

Apart from clear indications, some subtle signs mean you should consider dental implants. For example, difficulty in chewing, eating, and speaking do not seem like serious problems on the surface. But there could be underlying problems such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and bite issues. Your dentist may suggest extraction and implants for correcting these problems for good.

At times, you may need an implant as a replacement for a severely infected tooth that requires immediate removal. The novel treatment can make life easier with better appearance, functionality, and oral health.