5 Healthy Reasons to Be in a Relationship

Happy couple

Should the fact you’re in a relationship have a more positive impact on your wellbeing than being single? Perhaps it doesn’t always seem obvious but the answer is definitely yes. And there is scientific proof to back this up. Studies consistently reveal the health benefits; from patients in a relationship recovering from surgery quicker than singles, to one survey which demonstrated people lacking social interaction suffered similar high blood pressure issues to heavy smokers. So here are five of the key reasons why being in a relationship is healthy for you. And if you’re looking for the one online, WayTooSocial recommends this dating site.

Support for health conditions

In practical terms, it’s always beneficial to have someone who is there for you when you are undergoing health issues. Medication is prescribed for all sorts of reasons, and a helpful partner might remind you about taking your pills on time, or even cast an appraising eye over the instruction leaflet in case you’ve missed something about the potential side effects. Having someone to chum you along to doctor or hospital appointments can be a huge boost to your mental frame of mind, calming you down as you approach a stressful situation.

Stress alleviation

The negative effects of stress can’t be overemphasized. All sorts of things will happen in our day-to-day lives that can prey on our minds. Sometimes it seems like these events come along in a never-ending cycle: as soon as one event has been coped with, new sources of worry appear. Being in a relationship is a tremendous cushion against life’s blows. Whether it’s something at work or a family fallout, having a partner to talk things through with will always help to put things in perspective.


Having long-term plans is always a strong indicator of the positive state of your present health. People who are undergoing issues with their physical wellbeing or are going through depressive episodes will find it difficult focusing on the future. When you’re in a relationship you can divulge your aspirations, sharing your dreams and hopes, encouraging one another to revel in all the things you are looking forward to. This could cover everything from having intense discussions about starting a family together, down to booking a romantic holiday for next year or making plans to decorate your flat.

Sharing good times

When individuals go through a break-up, one of the commonest aspects of their relationship they are likely to admit to missing the most is the companionship. There is a world of difference between watching a comedy on TV, and viewing the same situations in the company of your partner. Shared laughter can be so infectious, and you can go over particularly funny scenes with one another long after the show has concluded. When you receive good news, having someone there to share it with always boosts the joy you are feeling tenfold.

Getting physical

Of course, one of the key aspects where being in a relationship is way ahead of the single experience boils down to intimacy. Whether a person decided to join a dating site to meet their ideal partner or they got acquainted in any number of different ways, human contact is everything. Knowing there is someone there to share your bed for passionate encounters or simply for some relaxing spooning is a huge source of contentment. If you need support or someone to talk to, please consider checking out BetterHelp for a list of the best online therapy sites.