5 Health Benefits of Eating Steak

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What do you think of when you hear “meal”? Most people would probably think of some type of grain dish, like bread or pasta. But for many people, especially those on a diet, our thoughts go straight to steak! Steak is one of the healthiest dishes that can be prepared by simply cooking it in a pan. However, we love it also because it’s affordable and the maximum you can pay is $106 for Porterhouse Steak for two people in top-rated, world-known restaurants, such as Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. People love steak because it is a quick and easy dish that contains a lot of nutrients in it. But in addition to its better-known properties, there are some health benefits of eating steak that people don’t usually know about.

Steak is also a better option than other types of meat because it tends to have less fat and fewer calories. So the next time you’re trying to plan a healthy diet, consider adding steak!  Why? Because steak has 5 important health benefits that are necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1) It’s a great source of protein

The number 1 reason to eat steak is that it contains so much protein! Protein is a very important component of a healthy diet because it helps build muscle and maintain body tissues. 

Not only is steak a great source of protein, but it is also low in fat. For those following a low-fat diet, this is beneficial because it can help maintain body mass. 

Most people don’t get nearly enough protein in their diet every day, leading to many health problems down the line. But did you know that steak can be part of a solution? A 3 oz serving of steak contains around 28 grams of protein! It would be nearly impossible to get that much protein by eating any other type of meat. If you go to the gym or lift weights regularly, you might want to add steak to your shopping list.

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2) It’s rich in iron

The second important health benefit that you get from eating the steak is the high amount of iron that it contains which is especially important for pregnant women. The body needs iron to transport oxygen throughout the body, which means that without enough iron, your cells wouldn’t be able to survive. Iron is also very important for maintaining a healthy metabolism because it helps the digestive system work to its full potential, and it helps produce red blood cells. 

Which type of meat has the most iron? The steak! A 3 oz serving of steak contains around 6 percent of your daily recommended allowance for iron, which is almost half of what pregnant women need – making it an excellent food for pregnant women. People who suffer from chronic fatigue should also try eating steak because it is very high in iron which can help reduce the symptoms of fatigue.

3)  Steak has a significant amount of zinc

And speaking of necessary nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy, the third health benefit you get from eating the steak is zinc. Zinc is known for treating problems related to the skin, hair, and nails. It is also very important for maintaining healthy sexual function, which is why zinc deficiency has been linked to infertility. 

A 3 oz serving of steak contains around 9 percent of your daily recommended allowance for zinc The body uses zinc in a wide range of processes, including tissue growth and repair, so not only does the body need it to stay healthy, if you have too little of it your body can be negatively impacted in a variety of different ways. Instead of taking supplements, try eating steak to get the zinc your body needs. Zinc is also very important for the proper functioning of the immune system, so if you tend to get sick a lot it might be worth trying out.

4) It can help control your cholesterol

The cholesterol that comes from eating steak, on the other hand, is beneficial to your health! This type of cholesterol is called HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein), and it carries cholesterol throughout the body and takes it back to the liver. Cholesterol l in the body is important to keep everything running smoothly, but if there’s too much LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol in the blood then it can cause serious problems. HDL cholesterol helps lower LDL cholesterol, lowering your risk for heart disease. A 3 oz serving of steak contains around 10 percent of your daily recommended allowance for healthy cholesterol!

5) It can help you burn more calories by increasing your metabolism

We all know that eating at night can lead to weight gain because your metabolism slows down while you’re asleep. But did you know that eating steak before bed can help? This is because beef and other red meat contain a lot of Zinc which helps increase the levels of thyroid hormone in your body. The thyroid is the hormone that stimulates the metabolism, so if you have more of it in your body you can expect to lose weight much faster than usual.

The higher levels of thyroid hormone lead to an increase in the resting metabolic rate, which means that you’ll burn more fat and calories even while you’re sleeping. This is why eating steak helps to boost your metabolism and make it easier for your body to lose weight. Plus, this same trick works with any kind of red meat or pork, so if you want to add a little extra flavor when you’re cooking up your steak, you can always throw some bacon on there and enjoy the added health benefits!

Did you know that the protein in steak contains amino acids that are responsible for speeding up your metabolism, especially when paired with a little bit of exercise! A 3 oz serving of steak contains around 10% of the recommended daily allowance for these metabolism-boosting amino acids. 

So next time you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal, consider cooking up some steak!