5 Key Factors to Look at When Choosing a Drug Rehab Center

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Quick research can turn up a lot of options for treating drug addiction. But not every drug rehab is created the same.

Some serve as outpatient rehabs, whereas others provide aftercare, partial hospitalization programs, and residential addiction treatment options.

Whether you are bouncing back from relapses or want to start your journey toward drug recovery, it is vital to choose the best rehab by considering the following factors:


Some rehabs accept insurance plans, whereas others don’t. In case you have insurance, which can cover part or all the cost of attending a drug rehabilitation center that accepts your insurance. The kind of insurance you have can narrow down the centers you have on your list. 

You might as well speak to your friends and family about the cost of a drug rehabilitation center and determine whether you may get the financial help that way. If you can afford it, you may consider one of the luxury drug rehabs.

The Staff

When going through rehabilitation, the staff you work with might have a seismic impact when it comes to your treatment. As such, before you choose any rehabilitation center, you might want to have a feel for the staff who would be treating you.

Firstly, ensure the rehab center is not understaffed. A great staff-to-patient ratio is around 6:1. If the rehab has two staff members searching for 12 patients, it will lack its capability to provide better treatment.

Treatment Programs

There are different programs for treatment available at drug rehabilitation centers, such as outpatient and inpatient programs.

You should check what type of treatment plan the rehabilitation provides and which suits your requirements the most.

You may find a list of programs on the rehab’s website. If you are unable to find programs on the rehab’s website, ensure you call the center. With this, you will get the details you need.


Choosing the rehab’s location is an important aspect when making a final decision. You may want to determine whether you want to go further afield or stay close to your home.


Staying near your home will keep you close to your support network and even make you feel secure about your surroundings.

But other aspects concerning the specific kind of facility you want can override location as a deciding factor, like whether you need a gendered or luxury center.

Treatment Duration

You need to look for a drug rehabilitation center that allows you to recover at your own pace. If you plan to use insurance to offset the rehab costs, know that some might set a couple of days that treatment is covered. Most drug rehabilitation centers work with insurance firms to make sure you get the treatment duration required for recovery.

Final Remarks!

Drug addiction is basically a scourge responsible for destroying many people’s lives and that of their families. The success of drug recovery is directly proportional to the duration of staying in a rehabilitation center.

Although the treatment duration varies from one center to another, there are other factors you might want to look at, including treatment programs, location, and the staff working there.